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Movement 1
Use to move during battles.
Use to move forward
or backward.
Use to jump.
In Semi-Auto mode, hold down
while using to jump.
The speed at which the
character moves depends on how
far you move and .

Movement 2
In addition to moving forward
and backward, you can also move
the character freely to any part
of the battlefield by holding down
while using .

This is known as Free Run.
This move can be used when evading
enemy attacks or approaching enemies
from the rear.

Normal Attack
Perform a regular attack with
. You can
also perform various other attacks
by pressing while
using , , , or at
the same time.
In Semi-Auto mode, the character
will automatically approach the
enemy as they attack.

Press during
Free Run to perform attacks.

Press to use Artes.

Assign artes to the ,
, , , or slots
by accessing the Artes
menu via .

Try out different combinations!

Guard against attacks with

Be careful, a Guard Break
can occur if you continue to
receive damage while guarding.

Once your guard is broken,
it can easily be broken again for
a short time thereafter.

Using Items
Use items by opening the Menu with
Select "Items", then select the item
you want to use and the target you
wish to use the item on.

Note that you cannot use another item
immediately after using the first one.

Run from a battle by opening the Battle Menu
with and selecting "Escape".

Running away will be successful when the
gauge on the screen is filled up.

Selecting "Escape" again from the menu
will cancel the escape standby status.

Changing Targets
Tapping displays
the current targeted enemy of your

Holding down
while using or will
allow you to select an enemy target.

Also, the enemy target will automatically
change to the enemy you hit during
Free Run.

Combo 1
Chain up a series of normal
attacks by continuing to input
attacks with .

This is known as a Combo.

Try a number of possible Combos
with a combination of
and .

Combo 2
Follow up a normal attack with
for a Base Arte attack.

Use various combos to your advantage by
combining normal attacks and Base Arte attacks.

Consider the nature of each combo
to find one that works best for you!

Combo 3
You can follow a Base Arte with
an Arcane Arte, a more powerful attack.

Normal attack
→ Base Arte
→ Arcane Arte

This type of combo allows for
stronger attacks and increases
the variety of possible combos.

Manual Cancel
When in Manual mode, you can
cancel attacks by using Free Run,
but only when moving forward.

Mastering this technique will
allow you to cancel artes with
long recovery times and in some
cases even chain multiple attacks
together. Be sure to try it out!

Touching an enemy on the Field Map
will cause a battle to begin.

These will be referred to as
enemy symbols.

Winning the battle will cause the
enemy symbol to disappear on the
Field Map. However, the enemy symbol
will remain if the party escaped
from the battle.

Surprise Encounters
If an enemy symbol comes in
contact with the character from behind,
characters that take part in the
battle will be chosen at random.
The enemies will also be positioned
behind your party.

Be careful not to get caught by
enemy symbols from behind!

Advantage Encounters
Using (RBX) to shoot an enemy symbol
with the Sorcerer's Ring will
occasionally stun the enemy.

If you touch the enemy symbol
in this state, the enemy will be
stunned and unable to act at the
beginning of battle.

Try this often, as it gives you
a great advantage in battle.

Encounter Links
Other enemy symbols that are
near the enemy symbol you
come into contact with may also
appear in the battle.

Beware because you could be faced
with a large number of enemies at

Just like with Surprise Encounters,
the position of the enemy symbol
on the battlefield is important.

Skill 1
Weapons possess various skills
for the character to use and learn.

Once equipped, the character can
gain the effects of that particular
skill in battle.

The character can eventually acquire
the skill if used repeatedly.

Skill 2
Once a skill is learned, it can be
set to the character without having
to equip the weapon at the cost of
some SP.

Skills are divided into 4 categories:

Skill 3
A symbol consisting of one of the
4 skill types are formed as a result
of set skills.

This is known as a Skill Symbol.

Depending on the type of Skill Symbol,
a character can gain extra abilities and
effects when they go into Over Limit
during battle.

Try using various combinations.

Status Effects
Characters can receive Status Effects
as a result of spells or attacks
during battle.

Physical Ailments can continue
even after a battle has ended.
They are all harmful.

Magical Changes only take
effect during battle. Some are
harmful and some are helpful
to your party.

Recovering from Status Effects
Failing to cure Physical/Magical Ailments
can be fatal. Be sure to cure ill
status effects with items or

Items or spells necessary to correct
a Physical/Magical Ailment may differ
depending on the type of status effect.

Check the item or spell
description before using it.

Physical Ailments 1
HP is lost as time passes.

TP is lost as time passes.

Various actions are limited.

Maximum HP is halved.

Physical Ailments 2
Sealed Artes
Cannot use artes.

Sealed Skills
Cannot use skills and their
effects are canceled.

No actions are possible.

Magical Ailments 1
Physical Attack Changes
Physical attack power is
increased or decreased.
Physical Defense Changes
Physical defense power is
increased or decreased.

Magic Attack Changes
Magic attack power is
increased or decreased.
Magic Defense Changes
Magic defense power is
increased or decreased.

Magical Ailments 2
No actions are possible.
Recover from Sleep if attacked
by an enemy.

Automatically recover from KO.

Magical Ailments 3
Effects differ depending on
Control Mode.

For Semi-Auto and Manual:
The control keys will be randomly

For Auto:
The character will attack randomly,
regardless of strategy.

Strategy Settings
Specify a character's actions in
battle with the Strategy Menu.

To do so, select Strategy from
the Battle Menu.
Then, select or change a strategy
option for a character.

Change the character’s location on
the battlefield with Formation.

Changing Strategies During Battle
Open the Battle Menu with .
Hold down while using
to change Strategy settings.

Holding down while using
at the start of a battle will return
settings to default.

Settings changed during battle only
applies to that current battle.

Personal Call
Open the Battle Menu with the
. Hold
while pressing to
give specific instructions to
individual characters in your

This is known as Personal Call.

Try changing the character you

Some artes and equipments have
elemental attributes.

Attacks that have attributes will do
far more damage to a character that
has a weakness for the associated

Knowing your enemies' weakness
and resistances will allow you to
equip armor and spells to your

Types of Attributes
There are 6 types of attributes:


You can check an enemy’s attribute
with a Magic Lens.

Opposing Attributes
Each of the 6 elemental attributes
has an opposing attribute.

Fire opposes Water.
Earth opposes Wind.
Light opposes Darkness.

In many cases, enemies weak
against fire have a water elemental
attribute and vice versa. Take
opposing elemental attributes into
consideration during battles.

Fatal Strike 1
A magic force field glowing
red, blue, or green will appear
when you continuously attack
an enemy during battle.

If timed correctly, you can execute a
Fatal Strike to defeat all regular enemies
in a single blow with the .

Try various methods to discover how to
bring forth these magical force fields.

Fatal Strike 2
You can receive a bonus at the end
of each battle when you finish an
enemy off with a Fatal Strike.

There are 3 types of bonuses:
・ An EXP bonus
・ A LP bonus
・ Item drop rate bonus

The type of bonus depends on the
color of the force field and the
enemy type.

Fatal Strike 3
The color of the force field depends on
the artes used for the Fatal Strike.

Artes corresponding to the
type of Fatal Strike is represented by
an icon in the Artes menu.

Red Fatal Strike
Blue Fatal Strike
Green Fatal Strike

FS Chain
Characters receive various
effect changes after a series of
Fatal Strikes.

This is known as a FS Chain.

Effects differ depending on the color
of the force field at the time the
chain ends. The strength of the effect
also increase with the number of
successful chains.

Fatal Strike on Boss Enemies
Unlike using Fatal Strikes on
Regular enemies, boss enemies
cannot be defeated in a single
blow with a Fatal Strike.
It only will result in a large
amount of damage.

Use FS Chains for boss
battles instead.

FS and Enemy Types
The following is dependent on
the enemy type when using
a FS (Fatal Strike):

- The difficulty in triggering
a red, blue or green FS.
- The 3 types of bonuses.

Use the Monster Book to check the
enemy type.

FS: Human Enemies
All 3 types of FS are equally easy
to trigger when used against
Human type enemies.

For the FS Bonuses:
- Blue FS: Increases EXP
- Red FS: Increases LP
- Green FS: Increases drop rate

FS: Beasts and Magic Types
Green FS are easily triggered
against Beast type and
Magic type enemies, while
red FS are more difficult to
trigger against these types
of enemies.

For the FS Bonuses:
- Blue FS: Increase EXP
- Red FS: Increase LP
- Green FS: Increase drop rate

FS: Birds and Insects
Red FS are easily triggered
against Insect type and
Bird type enemies, while
blue FS are more difficult to
trigger against these types
of enemies.

For the FS Bonuses:
- Blue FS: Increases LP
- Red FS: Increases drop rate
- Green FS: Increases EXP

FS: Plants and Aquatics
Blue FS are easily triggered
against Plant type and
Aquatic type enemies,
while green FS are more difficult
to trigger against these types
of enemies.

For the FS Bonuses:
- Blue FS: Increases drop rate
- Red FS: Increases EXP
- Green FS: Increases LP

FS: Inorganics and Scales
All FS are difficult to trigger
against Inorganic and
Scale type enemies.

However, FS bonuses are higher.

For the FS Bonuses:
- Blue FS: Increases EXP
- Red FS: Increases LP
- Green FS: Increases drop rate

Over Limit
Over Limit can be activated
with when
the gauge on the left side
of the screen fills up.

Once a character reaches Over Limit,
they will be able to use attacks and
Artes continuously.

Combos can be executed easily
during this time, so use this
to your advantage.

Level 2 Over Limit
You can trigger a Lv. 2 Over Limit
when the Over Limit gauge reaches
the second level.

Use to use one bar
of the gauge. Use to use
two bars of the gauge at once.

In addition to a Lv. 1 attack,
a Lv. 2 Over Limit will inflict
additional damage on a
fallen enemy.

OL and Skill Symbols
When two characters go into Over Limit
at the same time, both characters can gain
the effects of the other's Skill Symbol
on top of their own.

For instance, if one has the Skill Symbol,
Fleck and the other, Strihm, both characters'
attack power and speed will increase when
they go into Over Limit at the same time.

Level 3 Over Limit
A Lv. 3 Over Limit is possible
when the gauge reaches the
third level.

Use to use one bar.
Use to use two bars.
Use or to use
three bars at once.

In addition to the effects of a Lv. 2
attack, TP will not be incurred for
artes used during this time.

Level 4 Over Limit: 1
A Lv. 4 Over Limit is possible
when all four bars of the gauge
are full.

Use to use one bar.
Use to use two bars.
Use to use three bars.
Use to use all four bars.

Level 4 Over Limit: 2
In addition to the effects of
a Lv. 3 attack, characters will be
invincible to enemy attacks during
a Lv. 4 Over Limit.

It takes time to stock the
OL gauge to Lv. 4, but the
outcome can be rewarding.

Burst Artes
Right after using an Arcane Arte
or an Altered Arte during
Over Limit, hold down to
use a more powerful type
of arte known as a Burst Arte.

The higher the Over Limit level,
the stronger the Burst Arte.

Altered Arte 1
Once set, some skills will cause
certain Artes to change.

For instance, Yuri's Base Arte,
"Azure Edge" changes into
"Azure Storm" when the skill,
"Chain" is set.

This is known as an Altered Arte.
Some Artes will only change
when multiple skills are set.
Try various combinations.

Altered Arte 2
The scope of an Altered Arte
is further increased when
the Skills Super Chain 4
and Super Chain 5 are set.

It is possible to trigger a
combo of a Base Arte, an
Altered Arte, and an
Arcane Arte.

Altered Arte 3
You can learn an Altered Arte
by using the attack repeatedly.

Once learned, it can be
set just like other Artes.

Patty's Combat Style 1
Whenever Patty enters battle or
uses the "Form Change" arte, she
will randomly switch between
four different battles forms.

Each battle form has its own
unique characteristics, so
adapting to each form will allow
you to use a variety of battle

Patty's Combat Style 2
If Patty is staggered and knocked
down, she will automatically
revert back to her Normal Form.

To keep her current battle form,
be sure she does not get knocked
down. In some cases, the "Recover"
skill can prevent her from getting
knocked down.

Patty's Combat Style 3
Normal Form
A form of average ability. You'll
have no trouble fighting in this
form, but it lacks the
specialization of other forms.

Advance Form
A form that specializes in close
range combat. The attack speed
and number of hits of artes will
be increased.

Patty's Combat Style 4
Brainiac Form
A form best suited for long range
combat. In this form, you have
an increased attack range and
you can heal with artes like
"Risky Cast."

Critical Form
A special form that excels in all
areas, but has a low likelihood
of activating.

Patty's Combat Style 5
When you use the "Form Change"
arte, you will perform a unique
action for each battle form.

These actions can be canceled in
a combo, however each action has
its own additional effect.

Changing to Normal Form, for
example, fills the Over Limit
gauge slightly.

Patty's Combat Style 6
When Patty changes battle forms,
her basic attacks will change.

In Critical Form, you can press to use
the same basic attacks as in Advance Form,
or you can press while holding to use
the same basic attacks as in Brainiac Form.

This will allow you to switch between
different basic attacks to better handle each
type of situation.

Battle Camera
Open the Battle Menu via
and hold to
adjust the camera.
Change the angle with ,
Zoom with .

Holding while
pressing will return the
camera to default.

Secret Mission
Sometimes there is a separate
mission hidden within a boss battle.

This is known as a Secret Mission.

Receive items which can help with
clearing the game after completing
a Secret Mission.

Look out for these missions during
a boss battle next time.

Giganto Monsters
Sometimes you may find monsters
that are a lot bigger in size than
regular monsters roaming on the
World Map.

These monsters are called Giganto
Monsters. They are much stronger
than regular monsters and are
very dangerous.

Beware! They cannot be
defeated easily!

Artes Spheres
Artes Spheres increase the number
of artes you can set in the Artes

Hold and use and to set an
additional slot.

This widens the number of options
available to you in battle.

Cooking 1
When you obtain a recipe, you can
use ingredients that you discover
along your journey for cooking.
Ingredients will get used up every time
it is used for a recipe.
Cooking has a variety of effects,
such as healing HP, increasing
attack power, etc.

Once you have cooked something,
your character will be full and you
cannot cook again until after the next battle.

Cooking 2
If you are not successful at
making the selected recipe,
you cannot gain its effects.

You can also select the character
who will be cooking.

Some characters may be better at
cooking a specific recipe. The success
rate between characters differ.

Cooking Level and New Recipes
Your cooking level will increase
as you repeatedly cook recipes.

As your cooking level increases,
your success rate increases and
you can invent new recipes.

Decide who will cook which recipe
and discover new recipes.

Cooking Shortcuts
If you have cooking shortcuts set
to any of the
before a battle, you can cook
immediately after a battle with the
+ shortcuts.

This helps to quickly recover
after a battle.

Icon Test
Sealed Artes
Sealed Skills

Button Test
Free Run
Select Target
Fatal Strike