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Black Leather
A glove made of tanned ox skin. Ensures high
protection and capable of inflicting strong attacks.
PATK: 25
MATK: 25
PDEF: 25
MDEF: 25
AGL: 20
200 Gald

Knuckle Duster
A belt with rivets attached that is wound around the hands.
It is capable of protecting ones' fist and inflicting high damage.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 340 Gald
Strong Vine x2
Solid Thorn x1
PATK: 40
MATK: 50
PDEF: 15
MDEF: 15
Landing Step, 100
Combo Voltage, 100
Heavy Hit, 100
680 Gald
Secret Mission reward from
Barbos, 100%
Barbos Memory, 100%

A customized heavy gauntlet. Although it doesn't
cover the fingers, it still protects the hands.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 1100 Gald
Silver Ore x2
Knight Water x4
PATK: 50
PDEF: 35
MDEF: 35
Defend Artes, 100
Status Guard, 100
Condition Guard, 100
2200 Gald

Tyrant Fist
A glove made of special material with high attack powers.
Its powers can drive the enemy to the ground.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 2200 Gald
Scaly Dragon Skin x1
Ape Man Coat x2
Bat Wing x2
Boar Fur x2
PATK: 70
MATK: 30
PDEF: 10
MDEF: 10
High Tension, 100
Hyper Tension, 100
Ultimate Tension, 100
4400 Gald

Garm Fang
A deadly gauntlet that resembles a mad dog.
It can provide high attack powers if handled well.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 3450 Gald
Bear Claw x1
Leo Fang x1
Merman Fang x1
Wolf Fang x1
Great Wolf Fang x1
PATK: 120
Strength 4, 100
Defend 3, 100
6900 Gald