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A cute ribbon of crisp red. It really makes
a fashion statement.
Synthesis Level: 2
Price: 130 Gald
Red Blossom x1
Ilyccia Weed x1
Filifolia Leaf x2
MDEF: 12
260 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Pretty Ribbon
A very cute ribbon.
Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Synthesis Level: 6
Price: 340 Gald
Roper Tentacle x1
Ape Man Coat x2
Mane x2
MDEF: 20
680 Gald

Purple Ribbon
A purple ribbon infused with defense properties.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 425 Gald
Waterproof Cloth x1
Toad Oil x2
Tolbyccian Water x2
Soft Tail x1
MDEF: 26
850 Gald

Tartan Ribbon
A ribbon with a checkered tartan pattern.
Stylish, yet useful on the battlefield.
Synthesis Level: 10
Price: 500 Gald
Mystic Cloth x2
Strong Vine x2
Bird Feather (Small) x2
Blastium Ore x1
MDEF: 36
1000 Gald
The Rising City, Heliord

Blue Ribbon
A beautiful ribbon of fresh blue.
Designed to keep one's hair in place during combat.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 650 Gald
Spirit Fragment x1
Tolbyccian Water x2
Shell x2
Tolbyccian Fish x1
MDEF: 45
1300 Gald
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Fancy Ribbon
A ribbon for the wealthy.
The quality is what you pay for.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 835 Gald
Mandrake Eye x2
Cactus Needles x2
Spider Web x2
Desier Gold Dust x1
MDEF: 58
1670 Gald

Striped Ribbon
A ribbon with stripes. It looks cute, but is
infused with powerful magical abilities.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 900 Gald
Knight Holy Water x2
Bat Wing x2
Grimoire Page x2
Bird Feather (Medium) x1
MDEF: 66
1800 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Elemental Ribbon
A ribbon protected by the elements.
Strengthens magic defense.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 1975 Gald
Ilyccian Ice x1
Flare Stone x3
Frost Stone x3
MDEF: 78
3950 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Magical Ribbon
A ribbon with strong magical powers.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 3250 Gald
Rose x2
Grimoire Page x2
Mystic Orb x2
Orange Star Gem x1
MDEF: 88
6500 Gald
The Land of Hope, Aurnion

Ancient Ribbon
A ribbon made of a rare, ancient material.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 5000 Gald
Bull Wing x1
Wing Fan x1
Giant Aphid x1
MDEF: 100
10000 Gald