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Knit Cap
An ordinary knit cap. Don't expect too many
defensive properties from it.
100 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

A fluffy hat. A must-have for cold weather.
Synthesis Level: 2
Price: 90 Gald
Mane x1
Bird Feather (Medium) x1
Insect Wing x2
PDEF: 11
180 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Straw Hat
A round hat. Be careful not to lose it on
windy days.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 300 Gald
Tortoise Shell x1
Waterproof Cloth x1
Tolbyccian Fish x2
PDEF: 25
600 Gald

Pointed Hat
A finely crafted hat. They don't make 'em
like this anymore!
Synthesis Level: 10
Price: 440 Gald
Ape Man Coat x2
Bird Feather (Small) x2
Filifolia Leaf x3
PDEF: 32
MDEF: 22
880 Gald
The Rising City, Heliord

Pirate Hat
A hat popular with pirates.
Ahoy me matie!
Synthesis Level: 10
Price: 550 Gald
Spirit Fragment x1
Merman Fang x2
Merman Fin x2
Tough Leather x1
PDEF: 40
MDEF: 29
1100 Gald

Green Beret
A green beret adorned with feathers.
Kinda makes you feel a little more nimble.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 1650 Gald
Beast Skin x2
Ilyccian Ice x2
Sacred Tree x3
Filifolia Fruit x2
PDEF: 80
MDEF: 36
AGL: 20
3300 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Hunting Beret
A plaid hat worn on hunting excursions.
It rarely slips off and is ideal for running.
Synthesis Level: 14
Price: 950 Gald
Rabbit Fur x1
Bird Feather (Medium) x2
Hypionian Tree Bark x2
Floccus x2
PDEF: 68
MDEF: 32
1900 Gald
The Home of the Kritya, Myorzo

Cowboy Hat
Put this here hat on, and you'll be whistlin'
"Home on the Range" in no time.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 1950 Gald
Rabbit Fur x2
Mystic Cloth x3
Bat Wing x2
Jet-black Ink x2
Bucket Beak x2
PDEF: 92
MDEF: 40
3900 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Silver Hat
A hat embroidered with silver. It is more
durable than it looks.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 675 Gald
Silver Ore x2
Bearskin x2
Desier Iron Sand x2
Spider Web x1
PDEF: 46
MDEF: 24
1350 Gald
The Desert Oasis, Mantaic

Ninja Dog Mask
A mask for ninja dogs. Hmm... Thought
those were fictional...
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 5000 Gald
Great Wolf Fang x1
Beast Skin x1
Golden Mane x1
Sacred Tree x1
Dark Star Gem x1
PDEF: 124
MDEF: 62
10000 Gald