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Leather Guard
A light-weight leather cuirass.
A basic equipment for beginners.
PDEF: 10
MDEF: 12
150 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Iron Guard
A lightweight iron breastplate. Be sure to
take this with you on an adventure.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 180 Gald
Iron Grip x1
Wolf Fang x1
PDEF: 16
MDEF: 16
360 Gald
Deidon Hold

Chain Guard
A light-weight cuirass strengthened with
a wide metal plate in the chest area.
Synthesis Level: 2
Price: 275 Gald
Beast Skin x1
Red Blossom x1
Aer Agaric x2
PDEF: 26
MDEF: 26
550 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Lamellar Guard
A chain mail consisting of small plates
laced together in a parallel row.
Synthesis Level: 6
Price: 660 Gald
Tough Leather x1
Shell x1
Mane x2
PDEF: 72
MDEF: 54
1320 Gald

Half Guard
An iron plate armor joined together with leather.
An excellent shock absorber and very sturdy.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 400 Gald
Sacred Tree x1
Jet-black Ink x2
PDEF: 44
MDEF: 35
800 Gald
The Sealed City of Scholars, Aspio

Breast Guard
Light upper-body armor overlaid with metal
Synthesis Level: 5
Price: 490 Gald
Basilisk Scale x1
Aphid x2
Roper Tentacle x2
PDEF: 66
MDEF: 50
980 Gald
Port of Capua Nor

Royal Guard
An expensive plate armor owned only by the upper class.
The design was once popular, but is slightly out of style now.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 1100 Gald
Waterproof Cloth x2
Tortoise Shell x2
Tolbyccian Water x2
PDEF: 76
MDEF: 68
2200 Gald
The Rising City, Heliord

Battle Guard
Separated by small metallic plates, the joints are
covered by a layer of chain mail.
Synthesis Level: 8
Price: 1075 Gald
Crab Shell x1
Tolbyccian Fish x2
Broken Dagger x2
PDEF: 92
MDEF: 34
2150 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest

Silver Guard
A breastplate made of pure silver. Silver is said to
have magic defense properties.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2000 Gald
Silver Ore x3
Sharp Beak x2
Soft Tail x3
PDEF: 142
MDEF: 102
4000 Gald
The Desert Oasis, Mantaic

Mighty Guard
A high-quality plate armor.
It was made with the best technology known to date.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 1575 Gald
Naevimetal x2
Merman Fin x2
Acorn Helmet x2
PDEF: 115
MDEF: 88
3150 Gald
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Mythril Guard
A light-weight plate armor made from mythril.
It is ultra light and flexible.
Synthesis Level: 14
Price: 3900 Gald
Hypionian Coral x1
Strong Vine x2
Toad Oil x3
PDEF: 178
MDEF: 134
7800 Gald
The Home of the Kritya, Myorzo

Phoenix Guard
Said to contain the spirit of the phoenix.
It doesn’t make one immortal though.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2100 Gald
Flare Stone x1
Bird Feather (Medium) x2
Bird Feather (Small) x3
PDEF: 148
MDEF: 115
4200 Gald

Gothic Guard
A really basic plate armor.
It is a sturdy piece of armor despite its simplicity.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 3150 Gald
Knight Holy Water x2
Cockatrice Claw x2
Silver Ore x2
PDEF: 162
MDEF: 122
6300 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Princess Guard
A piece of ultra light armor possessed only by
members of the royal family.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 6250 Gald
Yurzo Fruit x2
Weccea Ore x2
Holy Horn x1
PDEF: 228
MDEF: 159
12500 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Diamond Guard
Made from the hardest material known to mankind.
The only bad point is that it is extremely expensive.
Synthesis Level: 15
Price: 4400 Gald
Holy Horn x1
Hypionian Tree Bark x2
Fake Box Fang x2
PDEF: 195
MDEF: 146
8800 Gald

Elemental Guard
Blessed with the elements of earth, fire, wind
and water. The magical powers shield one from attacks.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 4950 Gald
Ilyccian Ice x2
Mystic Cloth x2
Flare Stone x2
PDEF: 212
MDEF: 148
9900 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Moon Guard
A magical armor blessed with the powers of
the moon. Its form is as graceful as the moon.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 6000 Gald
Yurzo Crystal x1
Rabbit Fur x2
Rabbit Ear x2
Aer Agaric x1
PDEF: 216
MDEF: 152
12000 Gald

Rare Protector
A breastplate made by a legendary craftsman.
No one can replicate the intricate and delicate details.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 6500 Gald
Lizardman's Weapon x1
Treant Flower x1
Hippo Breath x1
Blastium Ore x3
PDEF: 235
MDEF: 160
13000 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Rune Jacket
A mythril armor with magical properties.
Those who equip this usually leaves the battlefield unscratched.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 7200 Gald
Mystic Orb x2
Bucket Beak x1
Grimoire Page x3
Cockatrice Beak x1
PDEF: 250
MDEF: 174
14400 Gald
The Land of Hope, Aurnion

Prism Protector
A mysterious armor reflecting the rays of a rainbow.
It dazzles enemies making their attacks easier to dodge.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 8250 Gald
Scaly Dragon Skin x1
Treant Flower x1
Bugle Beak x1
Grim Claw x2
Leo Fang x2
PDEF: 260
MDEF: 178
16500 Gald

Glorious Guard
As the name implies, it has the power to
lead one to victory and glory.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 10000 Gald
Great Leo Fang x1
Great Crab Shell x1
Armadillo Spike x1
Stinky Bag x1
Strong Vine x2
PDEF: 280
MDEF: 184
20000 Gald

Imperial Guard
The quality is worthy of one working for the
Empire. One needs to be highly skilled to use this.
PDEF: 272
MDEF: 194
20000 Gald