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Pirate's Gun: Maiden Battle
A gun given to new pirates. It's not very flashy,
but it's still the mark of a true pirate!
PATK: 50
MATK: 50
AGL: 20
Happiness, 100
Happiness 2, 100
Happiness 3, 100
2000 Gald

Pirate's Gun: Scarlet Splendor
A gun decorated in red and gold. Only seasoned
pirates can use this gun.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 1500 Gald
Desier Iron Sand x5
Desier Gold Dust x3
Flare Stone x1
PATK: 60
MATK: 60
Combo Plus Advance, 100
Brainiac Combo Magic, 100
Brainiac Magic Selection, 100
3000 Gald

Pirate's Gun: Cerulean
A gun covered in beautiful blue, green, and silver.
Its maker clearly has good taste.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 3000 Gald
Silver Ore x2
Naevimetal x1
Frost Stone x1
Knight Holy Water x1
MATK: 120
Advance Ability Plus, 100
Brainiac Magic Combo, 100
Critical Upgrade, 100
6000 Gald

Pirate's Gun: White Wave
An unusual gun designed around the color white. Its flashy gold
engravings mesh well with the white.
PATK: 60
PDEF: 60
Female Company, 100
Guard Reflect, 100
Reflect, 100
8000 Gald

Pirate's Gun: Black Thunder
Seifer's favorite gun.
The true pride of a pirate.
PATK: 120
Limit Fever, 100
Defend Artes Advance, 100
Burst Hold, 100
12000 Gald