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Holy Horn
A horn that grows on the forehead of unicorns.
Its powder is known to cure any sickness.
200 GaldCan be used to synthesize
Masakari Cleaver
Twinkle Star
Queen’s Whip +1α
Queen’s Whip +1β
Stone Slasher +2α
Stone Slasher +2β
Princess Guard
Diamond Guard
Hyper Helm
Terra Crest
Stun Talisman
Force Ring
Mystic Symbol
Dropped by
Uniceros, 30%, +10%
Mounico, 25%, +10%
EX Unicorn, 15%, +10%
Orpheus, 10%, +5%
Can be stolen from
EX Unicorn, 15%
Can be found in Search Points
#66, Group 5 (x2)
#69, Group 2 (x1)