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Leather Mail
A basic leather armor popular with beginner
PDEF: 13
250 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Hard Mail
The iron in this armor makes it difficult to
move around in without the right practice.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 200 Gald
Beast Skin x1
Ilyccia Weed x1
Knight Water x1
PDEF: 24
400 Gald
Deidon Hold

Ring Mail
An armor made up of a layers of metal rings,
making it very easy to move around in.
Synthesis Level: 2
Price: 300 Gald
Mandrake Eye x1
Bird Feather (Medium) x1
Mane x1
PDEF: 40
MDEF: 14
600 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Iron Mail
A full-body iron mail.
It takes experience to handle one of these.
Synthesis Level: 3
Price: 425 Gald
Bearskin x1
Iron Grip x1
Iron Tip x1
PDEF: 60
MDEF: 17
850 Gald
The Sealed City of Scholars, Aspio

Chain Mail
An upper-body armor made to protect the
chest area.
Synthesis Level: 5
Price: 585 Gald
Roper Tentacle x1
Ape Man Coat x1
Grimoire Page x2
PDEF: 72
MDEF: 19
1170 Gald
Port of Capua Nor

Lamellar Leather
A leather armor made of several layers of extra
tough leather. It's more sturdy than a metalic armor.
Synthesis Level: 6
Price: 750 Gald
Tough Leather x1
Aphid x1
Bat Wing x2
PDEF: 85
MDEF: 21
1500 Gald

Splint Mail
A chain mail with small iron plates. It has the
perfect balance of firmness and flexibility.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 950 Gald
Tortoise Shell x1
Waterproof Cloth x2
Tolbyccian Fish x2
PDEF: 98
MDEF: 22
1900 Gald
The Rising City, Heliord

The upper body of this armor is made with a high-
quality metal, with mobility and durability in mind.
Synthesis Level: 8
Price: 1200 Gald
Waterproof Cloth x1
Crab Shell x2
Filifolia Leaf x2
PDEF: 112
MDEF: 26
2400 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest

Battle Suit
Extra care went into the making of each and every joint
of this armor. It is a masterpiece of mobility and durability.
Synthesis Level: 9
Price: 1425 Gald
Mystic Cloth x2
Strong Vine x2
Basilisk Scale x2
PDEF: 132
MDEF: 34
2850 Gald

Knight Armor
A superior armor reserved only for high ranking knights.
A simple, yet sturdy armor that is easy to wear.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 1735 Gald
Naevimetal x1
Knight Water x3
Merman Fin x2
PDEF: 144
MDEF: 44
3470 Gald
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

A set of armor complete with a layer of
light armor and chain mail.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 1950 Gald
Desier Iron Sand x1
Acorn Helmet x1
Insect Wing x2
Soft Tail x2
PDEF: 155
MDEF: 46
3900 Gald

Silver Mail
An exquisite suit of silver mail. Often worn
during ceremonies due to the elegant design.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2250 Gald
Silver Ore x3
Bearskin x1
Spider Web x1
PDEF: 172
MDEF: 52
4500 Gald

Full Plate
A very sturdy armor where the joints are
protected by steel plates. It is very heavy.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2850 Gald
Flare Stone x1
Cockatrice Claw x3
Bat Wing x3
PDEF: 186
MDEF: 58
5700 Gald

Gothic Plate
Crafted with a traditional method, this armor
is not very flexible, but is very sturdy.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 3150 Gald
Knight Holy Water x2
Grimoire Page x2
Cactus Needles x2
PDEF: 198
MDEF: 70
6300 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Mythril Gauntlet
An armor made from mythril. Exceptionally
light-weight and sturdy. The perfect armor.
Synthesis Level: 14
Price: 3600 Gald
Hypionian Tree Bark x2
Toad Oil x2
Bearskin x2
PDEF: 210
MDEF: 74
7200 Gald
The Home of the Kritya, Myorzo

Rare Plate
A masterpiece crafted by a legendary craftsman. It’s almost
weightless and extremely sturdy. Truly a work of art.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 6250 Gald
Gentleman’s Tie x1
Lizardman's Weapon x2
Large Claws x2
PDEF: 266
MDEF: 80
12500 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Gold Armor
An armor made of pure gold, but still very sturdy.
Legend has it that it was once worn by a hero.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 5500 Gald
Yurzo Crystal x1
Desier Gold Dust x4
Golden Horn x1
PDEF: 254
MDEF: 80
11000 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Body Paint
A magic paint that protects the body from harm.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 4750 Gald
Ilyccian Ice x1
Red Lens x2
Mystic Cloth x2
Steel Arrow Head x1
PDEF: 239
MDEF: 79
9500 Gald
Secret Mission reward from
Baitojoh, 100%

As the name implies, this armor reflects most attacks.
It allows for magic cast by allies to pass though.
Synthesis Level: 15
Price: 4000 Gald
Iron Leg x1
Rabbit Fur x2
Tortoise Tail x2
PDEF: 224
MDEF: 79
8000 Gald

Rune Mail
A magical mythril armor.
It helps to increase magic defense.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 7000 Gald
Crystal x3
Blastium Ore x3
Grimoire Page x3
PDEF: 290
MDEF: 96
14000 Gald
The Land of Hope, Aurnion

Dragon Mail
An armor as hard as dragon scales. It can even
withstand the wrath of a fire-breathing dragon.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 6500 Gald
Weccean Lizard Fossil x1
Silver Ore x2
Cockatrice Claw x2
Scorpion Tail x2
PDEF: 278
MDEF: 76
13000 Gald

Armor protected by the Diety of Earth.
It is so famous it is spoken of as legend.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 8000 Gald
Rare Metal x3
Naevimetal x3
Leo Fang x3
Scaly Dragon Skin x3
Blastium Ore J x3
PDEF: 300
MDEF: 65
16000 Gald

Mumbane Aer
The Mumbane armor strengthened with aer.
It protects against all types of attacks.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 10000 Gald
Mumbane x1
Aer Fragment x1
PDEF: 310
MDEF: 68
20000 Gald

Star Mail
An armor that shines like the stars.
It protects one's life and is blessed by magic.
PDEF: 330
MDEF: 70
20000 Gald

Hyper Armor
The perfect suit of armor that surpasses all others.
It is filled with aer and can be used as a blastia.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 20000 Gald
Light Star Gem x5
Dark Star Gem x5
PDEF: 340
MDEF: 72
40000 Gald

Sacred Armor
A suit of armor suffused with holiness -- according to the ads!
It's still pretty strong and will come in handy.
PDEF: 240
MDEF: 100
15000 Gald

General's Armor
A custom suit of mail meant to be worn by generals.
Your spirit shines bright even against the real deal!
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 22500 Gald
Soulless Demon Blade 3 x1
Soulless Demon Blade 2 x1
Soulless Demon Blade x1
PDEF: 330
MDEF: 120
45000 Gald