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Story / Sidequests / Skits

Total Time
Highest Gald Held
Total Gald Used
Skits Viewed
Number of Saves
Fastest Completion
Average Battle Time
Fastest Win
Total Enemies Defeated
Max. Number of Hits
Total Number of FSs
Max. FS Combo
FS hit rate
Max. Damage
Total Damage Given
Total Damage Taken
Max. Grade
Total KOs
Total Escapes
Total Synthesis
Tales of Draspi
Dragon Race: Stage 1
Dragon Race: Stage 2
Dragon Race: Stage 3
Dragon Race: Stage 4
Dragon Race: Stage 5
Repede Snowboarding: Course 1
Repede Snowboarding: Course 2
Repede Snowboarding: Course 3
Repede Snowboarding: Course 4
Repede Snowboarding: Course 5
Repede Snowboarding: Course 6
Repede Snowboarding: Course 7
Repede Snowboarding: Course 8
Team Melee: Introduction Round
30 Man Melee: Yuri
30 Man Melee: Estelle
30 Man Melee: Karol
30 Man Melee: Rita
30 Man Melee: Raven
30 Man Melee: Judith
30 Man Melee: Repede
30 Man Melee: Flynn
30 Man Melee: Patty
Usage: Yuri
Usage: Estelle
Usage: Karol
Usage: Rita
Usage: Raven
Usage: Judith
Usage: Repede
Usage: Flynn
Usage: Patty