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Leather Mail
A basic leather armor popular with beginner
PDEF: 13
250 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Hard Mail
A metal armor that requires some skill to
appreciate its full range of usage.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 200 Gald
Beast Skin x1
Ilyccia Weed x1
Knight Water x1
PDEF: 24
400 Gald
Deidon Hold

Ring Mail
A metal armor requiring some skills to
Synthesis Level: 2
Price: 300 Gald
Mandrake Eye x1
Bird Feather (Medium) x1
Mane x1
PDEF: 40
MDEF: 14
600 Gald
The City of Blossoms, Halure

Iron Mail
A full-body iron mail. It takes experience to
handle one of these.
Synthesis Level: 3
Price: 425 Gald
Bearskin x1
Iron Grip x1
Iron Tip x1
PDEF: 60
MDEF: 17
850 Gald
The Sealed City of Scholars, Aspio

Chain Mail
An upper-body armor made to protect the
chest area.
Synthesis Level: 5
Price: 585 Gald
Roper Tentacle x1
Ape Man Coat x1
Grimoire Page x2
PDEF: 72
MDEF: 19
1170 Gald
Port of Capua Nor

Lamellar Leather
A leather armor made of several layers of
extra tough leather. It's more sturdy than a metalic armor.
Synthesis Level: 6
Price: 750 Gald
Tough Leather x1
Aphid x1
Bat Wing x2
PDEF: 85
MDEF: 21
1500 Gald

Splint Mail
A chain mail with small iron plates. It has the
perfect balance of firmness and flexibility.
Synthesis Level: 7
Price: 950 Gald
Tortoise Shell x1
Waterproof Cloth x2
Tolbyccian Fish x2
PDEF: 98
MDEF: 22
1900 Gald
The Rising City, Heliord

The upper body of this armor is made with a high-
quality metal, with mobility and durability in mind.
Synthesis Level: 8
Price: 1200 Gald
Waterproof Cloth x1
Crab Shell x2
Filifolia Leaf x2
PDEF: 112
MDEF: 26
2400 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest

Battle Suit
Extra care went into the making of each and every joint
of this armor. It is a masterpiece of mobility and durability.
Synthesis Level: 9
Price: 1425 Gald
Mystic Cloth x2
Strong Vine x2
Basilisk Scale x2
PDEF: 132
MDEF: 34
2850 Gald

Knight Armor
A superior armor reserved only for high ranking knights.
A simple, yet sturdy armor that is easy to wear.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 1735 Gald
Naevimetal x1
Knight Water x3
Merman Fin x2
PDEF: 144
MDEF: 44
3470 Gald
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

A set of armor complete with a layer of light
armor and chain mail.
Synthesis Level: 11
Price: 1950 Gald
Desier Iron Sand x1
Acorn Helmet x1
Insect Wing x2
Soft Tail x2
PDEF: 155
MDEF: 46
3900 Gald

Silver Mail
An exquisite suit of silver mail. Often worn
during ceremonies due to the elegant design.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2250 Gald
Silver Ore x3
Bearskin x1
Spider Web x1
PDEF: 172
MDEF: 52
4500 Gald

Full Plate
A very sturdy armor where the joints are
protected by steel plates. It is very heavy.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 2850 Gald
Flare Stone x1
Cockatrice Claw x3
Bat Wing x3
PDEF: 186
MDEF: 58
5700 Gald

Gothic Plate
Crafted with a traditional method, this armor is
not very flexible, but is very sturdy.
Synthesis Level: 13
Price: 3150 Gald
Knight Holy Water x2
Grimoire Page x2
Cactus Needles x2
PDEF: 198
MDEF: 70
6300 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Mythril Plate
An armor made from mythril. Exceptionally
light-weight and sturdy. The perfect armor.
Synthesis Level: 14
Price: 3600 Gald
Hypionian Tree Bark x2
Toad Oil x2
Bearskin x2
PDEF: 210
MDEF: 74
7200 Gald
The Home of the Kritya, Myorzo

Rare Plate
A masterpiece crafted by a legendary craftsman.
It’s almost weightless and extremely sturdy. Truly a work of art.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 6250 Gald
Gentleman’s Tie x1
Lizardman's Weapon x2
Large Claws x2
PDEF: 266
MDEF: 80
12500 Gald
The Den of Guilds, Dahngrest
The Coliseum City, Nordopolica

Gold Armor
An armor made of pure gold. Legend has it that
it was once worn by a hero, but it is still very sturdy.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 5500 Gald
Yurzo Crystal x1
Desier Gold Dust x4
Golden Horn x1
PDEF: 254
MDEF: 80
11000 Gald
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

Body Paint
A magic paint that protects the body from harm.
Synthesis Level: 16
Price: 4750 Gald
Ilyccian Ice x1
Red Lens x2
Mystic Cloth x2
Steel Arrow Head x1
PDEF: 239
MDEF: 79
9500 Gald
Secret Mission reward from
Baitojoh, 100%

As the name implies, this armor reflects most
attacks. It allows for magic cast by allies to pass though.
Synthesis Level: 15
Price: 4000 Gald
Iron Leg x1
Rabbit Fur x2
Tortoise Tail x2
PDEF: 224
MDEF: 79
8000 Gald

Rune Mail
A magical mythril armor. It helps to increase
magic defense.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 7000 Gald
Crystal x3
Blastium Ore x3
Grimoire Page x3
PDEF: 290
MDEF: 96
14000 Gald
The Land of Hope, Aurnion

Dragon Mail
An armor as hard as dragon scales.
It can even withstand the wrath of a fire-breathing dragon.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 6500 Gald
Weccean Lizard Fossil x1
Silver Ore x2
Cockatrice Claw x2
Scorpion Tail x2
PDEF: 278
MDEF: 76
13000 Gald

The Mumbane armor strengthened with aer.
It protects against all types of attacks.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 8000 Gald
Rare Metal x3
Naevimetal x3
Leo Fang x3
Scaly Dragon Skin x3
Blastium Ore J x3
PDEF: 300
MDEF: 65
16000 Gald

Mumbane Aer
The Mumbane armor strengthened with aer.
It protects against all types of attacks.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 10000 Gald
Mumbane x1
Aer Fragment x1
PDEF: 310
MDEF: 68
20000 Gald

Star Mail
An armor that shines like the stars.
It protects one's life and is blessed by magic.
PDEF: 330
MDEF: 70
20000 Gald

Hyper Armor
The perfect suit of armor that surpasses all others.
It is filled with aer and can be used as a blastia.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 20000 Gald
Light Star Gem x5
Dark Star Gem x5
PDEF: 340
MDEF: 72
40000 Gald