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Story / Sidequests / Skits

Lower Quarter Youth
A resident of the lower quarter. Well-liked by
the people, but not so much by the Knights.
1 Fame point

One who has taken the law into his own hands
and bears the full weight of his sins.
10 Fame points

You've survived a close brush with death.
But that doesn't mean your luck is running out!
10 Fame points

Honorary Knight
You hate the ugly truth of knighthood, but
some of its virtues are still worth believing in.
50 Fame points

Dark Enforcer
Cutting through evil with a sword of light, the
sins of others now stain you. It's a dirty job.
50 Fame points

True Knight
No need for all the shiny badges for one
to be recognized as a true knight.
50 Fame points

Improv Devil
A master of the fine art of improvisation,
able to bring the best script writer to tears.
30 Fame points

Tank Top Lover
A great way to relax after a soak!
If only being on a journey was this carefree.
50 Fame points

Sharer of Hopes
With the two of you sharing the town's hopes, your
burden is halved, but you bring double the happiness!
100 Fame points

Commoner Chef
You're handy with a knife and have a keen
sense of taste. Is there anything you can't do?
100 Fame points

Kingdom Celeb
For better or worse, your name is known far and wide.
You can hear people whispering about you around town.
30 Fame points

Recollection Guardian
Memories are worth more than what money can buy.
10 Fame points

Dark Lion
The king of all beasts. The crest of the
black lion stands tall and proud.
30 Fame points

Treasure Hunter
No treasure - or mimic, for that matter - can escape
your clutches! Your insatiable curiosity is commendable.
1 Fame point

You fought and fought and fought and fought
and then you fought some more!
200 Fame points

Item Hater
There's being economical, and then there's hoarding.
Don't you think you should use some of this stuff?
10 Fame points

Aloha Boy
Gazing at the sea all summer long from the deck.
I'll save anyone who starts to drown!
1 Fame point

The Returning Swordsman
A swordsman who regrets the things he did with his
friends. His wish brought him back to the world.
30 Fame points

Winter's Night Delivery Man
Delivers presents once a year to good little boys
and girls. Bad children get a lump of coal.
50 Fame points

After-bath Ponytail
Comfy clothes are perfect after a bath! Your hair
won't get in the way if it's tied up, either!
1 Fame point

Novice Swordsman
You incorporate your own style into the technique
of the Imperial Knights, leaving no openings.
10 Fame points

Skilled Swordsman
You cut through enemies like the wind, searching
endlessly for stronger and stronger opponents.
20 Fame points

Master Swordsman
You'll go down in history as a master of the sword,
but you don't let it get to your head.
30 Fame points

Legendary Swordsman
“Technique” is for lesser swordsmen.
For you, there is only mastery.
10 Fame points

Beginner Combo User
You've taken your first steps towards mastering
the combo. The fight's just getting started!
1 Fame point

Advanced Combo User
You've become more familiar with combos,
but there's still a long way to go.
30 Fame points

Combo Master
All those hours of practice have paid off!
You're a combo pro!
100 Fame points

King of Combos
The ultimate combo is yours to command. No enemy
can stop you as long as you just keep hitting!
150 Fame points

Fatal Striker
One who can take down his enemies in
a single blow, hence, Fatal Striker!
150 Fame points

Castle Healer
A mysterious noblewoman with healing Artes
who tried to escape the castle.
1 Fame point

Royal Successor
Hiding her identity and traveling with friends, you'd
never guess she was heir to the imperial throne.
10 Fame points

Enchanting Belle
One who hasn't yet realized her natural
charm and charismatic aura.
20 Fame points

Seeker of the Truth
Condemned by a giant monster as the poison of
the world, she continues on her journey for truth.
10 Fame points

Determined Princess
One who stands firm in her beliefs even when
confronted in the face of great hardships.
10 Fame points

Gracious Waitress
Kind and considerate, you always treat others
with the utmost courtesy and respect.
50 Fame points

Dedicated Paramedic
A healer through and through. She may be strict,
but she's got your best interests at heart.
50 Fame points

Noble Princess
You can be proud of how you live your life, true
to the noble virtues of the imperial family.
100 Fame points

Massage Therapist
Your healing touch can soothe any pain,
mental or physical!
50 Fame points

Curious Princess
One who is fascinated by anything and
everything around her!
10 Fame points

Cordon Bleu
There's no secret to cooking, just learn your recipes and
practice your technique. Delicious results will follow!
100 Fame points

Fairy Tale Weaver
Poetic, yet sentimental, her stories will
remain with you forever.
30 Fame points

Item Maniac
Maniac? Does that stand for someone
who knows a lot about items?
150 Fame points

Heroic Actress
What talent! That voice, those dancing skills!
You should be nominated for an award.
30 Fame points

Battle Nightingale
Strong, yet graceful. Your beautiful voice
seems to resonate through the battlefield.
100 Fame points

Rita's Best Friend
A friendship that will last until the end of time.
0 Fame points

Worldly Adventurer
Despite your royal status, you hide your true
identity to smite evil! ...Just kidding.
30 Fame points

Magical Maiden
Magical and mystical, your graceful presence
is admired by girls everywhere.
50 Fame points

Refreshing One-Piece
Brilliant white is proof of a girl's purity. When she splashes
water playing in the waves, your heart will race.
50 Fame points

Vengeful Holy Knight
A swordswoman with a hidden tragic past.
Pity she's so absentminded.
30 Fame points

Holy Night Delivery Girl
Her destination a secret, she dashes through
the sky this holy night. My present? Just me!
50 Fame points

Your allies feel better knowing you're
watching over them.
1 Fame point

You're not just a pretty face! You've got as much
presence as any knight on the battlefield!
10 Fame points

Your will alone can crush your enemies
and turn dreams into reality!
20 Fame points

High Priestess
Your divine powers are sure to
leave their mark on history.
30 Fame points

Fatal Angel
She kills quickly and painlessly.
Your sweet murderous angel has arrived!
150 Fame points

Young Hunter
A self-proclaimed member of a hunting guild
who wields a big sword and bigger bluffs!
1 Fame point

Brave Vesperia Leader
High spirited and full of hopes!
You're the youngest guild leader in history!
10 Fame points

Troubled One
You gave your all but couldn't save the Don.
It's okay though. Failure only makes you stronger.
10 Fame points

Brave One
One who used his last ounce of courage to
save his friends. A truly proud moment!
10 Fame points

Hehehe...I could get used to this...
Huh? What am I saying?
50 Fame points

Lunch Lady
One who looks great in a white apron!
Get in line and don't fight over dessert!
50 Fame points

Brilliant Support Role
Maybe you're not center stage, but that
doesn't mean your role isn't important!
30 Fame points

Guild Chef
Cooking is invention. It's all up to your ingenuity.
But that doesn't mean it's okay to put anyone at risk!
100 Fame points

Towel Fanatic
Huh? D-don't you think this is too small? But it's
nice and cool... I bet I could use it as a scarf, too.
50 Fame points

Golden Soldier
No monster's a match for this solid gold armor.
Only a real man could understand how cool it is.
50 Fame points

Crouching Tiger
One who carries a weapon too big for his
small body. Don't be deceived by his size!
100 Fame points

Warehouse Master
You're a pro at tidying up! You might want to
try sorting out the world's problems next!
100 Fame points

Manly Man
A real man proves his worth through action!
He's also quite a monster expert. Wow!
150 Fame points

Can't sleep? Don't worry. Sometimes, staying up to
think out your troubles is just what you need.
30 Fame points

Valiant Swordsman
One who slays Giganto Monsters one after
another. How much stronger can you get?
30 Fame points

Poolside Boy
Opening your eyes underwater is nothing!
This summer, I'm going for 25 meters!
1 Fame point

Red Twin Blades
A boy who took the Journey of Regeneration to protect a
dear friend. Learned kindness and strength from his father.
30 Fame points

Small Knight
He may be small, but he's as brave as any knight.
He's ready for any challenge!
1 Fame point

Delivery Reindeer
His bell tinkles and bright red nose shines as he flies
through the air. Time for good children to go to bed!
50 Fame points

Black Tights
Heart racing. Pulse pounding. The curtain rises and--
These really make you feel like a dancer.
1 Fame point

Frog Boy
Wearing just the frog head is a great way to
turn heads. You totally look like a mutant frog.
1 Fame point

Frog Girl
Nothing's cuter than frills and a frog head.
You'll catch everyone totally off-guard!
1 Fame point

Frog Bather
Nothing beats wearing a frog head after a bath.
Now for some milk-- Wait, this thing has no mouth...
1 Fame point

Golden Frog
According to legend, someone wearing this armor
slew a monster in a tower. Fight fire with frog!
1 Fame point

Frog Knight
Gotta keep your hands safe! You can't play
leapfrog if you hurt your frog hands!
1 Fame point

Frog Lunch Lady
Flies, crickets, ricefish... Eww!
Serve some human food, boy!
1 Fame point

Frog Detective
The great frog detective leaps into action but can't solve
the case! What did you expect from an amphibian?
1 Fame point

Frog Prince
A spoiled young tadpole who rules some far-off
pond. His parents buy him anything he wants.
1 Fame point

Hipster Bangs
That pompadour is so last week! Try something cute
that accentuates your boyish charms instead!
1 Fame point

Little Golden Knight
Makes your head sparkle like the brightest gold!
It's just gilt, but I won't tell anyone.
1 Fame point

Starry-Eyed Fighter
I gotta try harder and show them all!
Um...nothing...never mind.
1 Fame point

Determined Fighter
I...I...I can do it this! If I put my
mind to it, anything's possible!
10 Fame points

Energetic Fighter
So what if I'm small for my age?
I'm still gonna give it my all!
20 Fame points

Shining Fighter
My courage shines brighter than the sun!
Time to show you what I can do!
30 Fame points

Chirpy Fighter
I think he's dazed from that last hit.
Do...do you guys hear chirping?
1 Fame point

Fatal Attacker
I'm going to pound you to pieces!
Don't you underestimate me!
150 Fame points

Genius Researcher
Known in Aspio as the “weirdo”, she's
a genius mage with a few loose screws.
1 Fame point

D-don't talk to me about ghosts! They're nonsense,
you hear?! It's completely unscientific!
10 Fame points

Spirit Hunter
Discovering the truth behind the aer isn't the end.
Where one mystery ends, another begins.
10 Fame points

Kitty Cat Waitress
One with cute, fluffy ears.
Very popular with the customers.
50 Fame points

One who travels to unravel the world's mysteries.
Devoting a lifetime to them is half the fun!
30 Fame points

Chemical Chef
Just the right combination of herbs and spices!
Cooking is just like an experiment!
100 Fame points

Miska Doctoral Degree
You're at the cutting edge of blastia research.
Even so, there's always room for improvement.
30 Fame points

Estelle's Best Friend
You may complain at times, but you mean no harm.
50 Fame points

New Dice Master
A rookie dice master with skills that can
change the history of dice rolling.
30 Fame points

Magical Bee
Your spells sting like a bee! People run and
hide in fear at the mention of your name.
100 Fame points

Spotlight Hog
Who cares where the story's supposed to go?
From now on we're doing this my way! Got it?!
30 Fame points

One sporting a yukata over a shirt and shorts.
A truly unique style!
50 Fame points

Nonchalant Beach Girl
I don't wanna get sunburn! I'll just stick to the shade.
What's so great about the beach again?
50 Fame points

Amnesiac Life of the Party
A cheerful boy who loves singing.
A must when traveling with gloomy people!
30 Fame points

Puppy Pyjamas
Perfectly fluffy for a good night's sleep.
Popular among genius mages for some reason.
50 Fame points

Don't mistake her for some ordinary magic user!
She was born to be a mage!
1 Fame point

Grand Mage
Everyone calls her a weirdo, but she still
stands proud in her search for truth.
10 Fame points

Genius Mage
Through toils and setbacks she's only grown wiser.
She edges ever closer to enlightenment.
20 Fame points

Master Mage
Heaven and earth, good and evil.
No truth is beyond her reach.
30 Fame points

Fatal Sorcerer
A flick of the wrist, and the battle is won.
Decisive power is in your hands... literally.
150 Fame points

Fishy Old Man
You don't know if he's friend or foe,
but you can't hate him.
1 Fame point

Old Spy
Were you hired to keep a close watch on Estelle because
you're capable? Or because this is an easy job?
10 Fame points

Immortal Old Man
One who died a thousand deaths, but still
manages to come back to life each time.
10 Fame points

Shining Star
The stars above are spinning round and round.
You're irresponsible, but posses a certain charm.
50 Fame points

Imperial Knights Captain
Even though you're an ex-knight, you'll
always be a legend. For that, I salute you!
50 Fame points

Catering Dandy
No one can resist a brooding bartender with
a cocktail shaker. Now, tell me everything...
50 Fame points

Vagabond Wolf
You've wandered far and wide, until you
found your place among Brave Vesperia.
100 Fame points

Twilight Dreamer
You long to relax on a tropical beach
in the sunset after the daily battles.
30 Fame points

Hardcore Gamer
You eat, drink, and sleep with a controller in your
hands. As for going to the bathroom, well...
10 Fame points

Weekend Chef
You're rough with the ingredients,
but it usually turns out perfect!
100 Fame points

Ladies' Man
Talking to ladies comes pretty easily.
They're just all so beautiful! ♥
30 Fame points

Spa Manager
Welcome! How many in your group? You'll love it.
Great for the back and joints. Have a great time!
50 Fame points

That Summer Guy
White sand, blue skies, a blazing sun and a cool breeze.
The heat of summer's calling me, babe! ☆
1 Fame point

Expert Hitman
Cool and silent, with a killer mustache.
That black coat hides a kind heart. Fits me to a T!
30 Fame points

Faux Gentleman
Girls always go for the strong, silent types.
Just act cool and try not to talk too much.
50 Fame points

The Bangs Make the Man
Your usual do is so last year.
This style is just fab!
1 Fame point

You've witnessed destruction and rebirth
and deceived yourself as much as others.
1 Fame point

Charm, wit, and quick thinking let
you come and go as you please.
10 Fame points

Double Identity
You've lived among the Knights and the guilds,
and mastered two lives worth of skills.
20 Fame points

Super Star
Success and failure, good and evil, easy times and
hard. Not many people have lived this much.
30 Fame points

Fatal Old Man
Let's finish this already!
I'm getting too old for drawn-out fights.
150 Fame points

Blastia Hunter
A woman who travels the world to destroy blastia.
Yuri is the only one who knows her secret.
1 Fame point

Sultry Temptress
No one can look this bewitching in that costume!
She's got to be cheating somehow!
50 Fame points

Thoughtful Woman
Before you even ask, she's already taken
care of it! I think I'm in love...
10 Fame points

Guardian of the Truth
One who hides her true identity as she fulfills
her mission. But now, her friends come first.
10 Fame points

Into the Sky
Every flying creature fears your lance skills.
You're a one-woman no-fly zone.
50 Fame points

Glamorous Maid
The black and white is simply stunning.
Perhaps this suits you better than your usual style.
50 Fame points

Legendary Gambler
She's not just doing this for the money.
She wants to put her luck to the test.
50 Fame points

Chef Mom
Your cooking reminds one of home.
It's comparable to any first rate chef!
100 Fame points

Enchanting Beauty
You sure know how to wear a yukata! All eyes
are on you -- and that's just how you like it.
50 Fame points

Poker Face
No one can guess what truly lies
behind your expressionless mask.
30 Fame points

Dragon of Blue Lightning
Like a bolt of lightning, you strike from
the sky and destroy your foes in a flash.
100 Fame points

Super Dragon Rider
Perfectly in sync in body, mind and spirit. You soar
through the skies gracefully with your partner.
30 Fame points

Barely-There Black Bikini
That slender figure in a sexy black swimsuit.
Today's weather? It's raining men!
200 Fame points

Wandering Miser
Gald! Gald! ♪ Gald! ♥
A lady thief who'll go anywhere for money.
30 Fame points

Pure White Dragon Rider
I always liked that white armor. I just thought
it was a shame it covered your beautiful face.
1 Fame point

Invitation to a Wonderful Evening
The lights are low, a slow waltz plays. Come, let
us dance -- and see where our feet carry us.
50 Fame points

Beautiful Belle
Her tied up hair and exposed nape are horribly
seductive. Just try not to stare...
1 Fame point

Stylish Ponytail
Your usual do is a little old, dear.
Let your hair loose!
1 Fame point

Fluffy Maid
Those fluffy ears and the maid outfit
will drive fans to distraction!
1 Fame point

Beautiful Lancer
You'll fight to the death to defend your cause.
You always follow through with your goals.
1 Fame point

Great Lancer
Holding fast to your convictions, you've set out
to leave your mark on the world -- by force.
10 Fame points

Soaring the skies together with Ba'ul,
you feel unstoppable.
20 Fame points

High Dragoon
You've cut down everything in your path --
even the grass. This highest of honors is yours.
30 Fame points

Fatal Lancer
No one escapes the wrath of your lance!
Ruling the skies with supreme precedence.
150 Fame points

Man's Best Friend
Not just a dog, but a valuable companion on a
long journey. Don't mistake him for a monster!
1 Fame point

Silent Sidekick
Even if you could talk, I know you'd have my back.
You'd help bear the weight of my sins...
10 Fame points

Considerate Sidekick
Sometimes your sidekick may know you better
than you think! Trust his instincts.
10 Fame points

Great Boss
You've driven a great evil from the world and
earned the respect of the pet kingdom doing so.
100 Fame points

Tough Hound
You don't back down easily in the face of danger.
Dogs don't just wag their tails at anyone!
30 Fame points

Fated One
The trials of your past have led you to this
fateful encounter. Ready for the next battle?
30 Fame points

Silver Fangs
Those shining fangs are poised to take down evil.
Don't underestimate them!
100 Fame points

No one can resist the innocence of children.
Not even this tough pup!
30 Fame points

Ultimate Dog Warrior
Your strength is unwavering.
You're secretly happy about receiving this title!
30 Fame points

Timid Diving Dog
With this gear, you could prepare yourself a fish feast!
If only you weren't too scared to go into the water.
1 Fame point

Were-Beast's Beast-Wear
A strange dog wearing the clothes of a boy who
inherited the blood of beasts and a cursed fate.
30 Fame points

Patient Porter
The flowers on his eyepatch represent the beauty
of life; fragile, yet brilliant. And they look nice.
50 Fame points

Snow Delivery Dog
On a silent night when the snow is falling,
he appears, gliding on his snowboard.
50 Fame points

Dog Warrior
Your strong bite keeps your enemies
firmly under control. Grr!
1 Fame point

Dog Knight
You're already a hero among dogs --
and you're destined for greater things still.
10 Fame points

Top Dog
Your skills are comparable to that of a top
swordsman. Not bad for a dog.
20 Fame points

Nirvana Dog
You've surpassed all humans and dogs. You understand
the human language, but choose not to speak it.
30 Fame points

Big Bad Bandit
Old habits are hard to quit! But never steal
from the poor! That's the Golden Rule!
150 Fame points

Fatal Dog
This powerful canine can take down his enemies
in a single strike. This is one tough dog!
150 Fame points

Knight Lieutenant
Already a lieutenant, and at so young an age!
He's a little naive, but sincere.
1 Fame point

Knight Captain
The youngest captain in the history of the Imperial
Knights. His youthful inexperience adds to his charm.
10 Fame points

Dependable Friend
They've been together so long, no words are needed.
When one's in a pinch, the other comes running.
10 Fame points

Eternal Rival
Though they both fight for a better future, they can't
agree on the means. Will they ever reach an accord?
10 Fame points

True Friend
An unbreakable bond of friendship. We may not see
eye to eye, but we'll always have each other's backs.
10 Fame points

Technical Diver
Saving drowning kids is all in a day's work.
I'll keep the ocean safe, no matter how deep the water!
10 Fame points

Experienced Gentleman
He's got that mature style. Cheers. You find yourself
lost in his blue eyes. Today's date is all about you.
50 Fame points

Kind Successor
With his sad past always in his heart, he meets each day swinging
his sword in the Albane style. No time tah rest in Dahngrest!
30 Fame points

Prince in Short Sleeves
After a bath, you just want to chill.
But make sure you don't catch a cold.
50 Fame points

Ideal Commandant
Considerate of his subordinates without backing
down to superiors. Your number one boss is here!
50 Fame points

Sharer of Hopes
Leaving the town's worries in both your hands may cause
some squabbling, but the result is always for the best.
100 Fame points

Wings of Virtue
A pure-hearted savior and born leader, soaring on
beautiful white wings. Figuratively, of course.
30 Fame points

Mark of Knighthood
A true knight knows the difference between
courage and recklessness, caution and fear.
50 Fame points

Emperor of the Night
He's more popular than you'd expect!
That rare smile is twice as dangerous.
100 Fame points

Mysterious Chef
He can follow a recipe fine, but
don't ask him to improvise. Please.
100 Fame points

Born Knight
A paragon of justice with a proud heart. It's a long
climb to the top, but his eyes look ever upward.
1 Fame point

Stalwart Knight
Working tirelessly to make his dream a reality,
the world is a safer place under his watch.
10 Fame points

Steadfast Knight
His accomplishments have won him fame -- and an
ever-increasing workload. But still he soldiers on...
20 Fame points

Legendary Knight
The hero of the Knights in word and deed.
His blade is as bright as his smile is warm.
30 Fame points

Fatal Knight
Victory in one decisive blow.
The mark of a true knight.
150 Fame points

Crafty Adventurer
Free as a bird, she sails wherever the wind
blows, always looking for that treasure.
1 Fame point

Amnesiac Girl
Was it eaten? Did she drop it? Whatever the case,
she's combing land and sea for her lost memory.
10 Fame points

Tearless Girl
“When the going gets tough, the tough don't cry!”
No matter what happens, she swallows her tears.
10 Fame points

Shaken Girl
What's true? What's a lie? After what she's seen,
she's no longer sure what to believe.
10 Fame points

Tearful Girl
Her tears are grief and joy in equal measure.
She's held it all back until now, but no more.
10 Fame points

Southern Rainbow
The salty breeze caresses your braids as you dip your
bare toes in the water. Cuter than a damselfish!
50 Fame points

A Snowy Someone
The wind and snow can't stop your smile.
But when the rain falls, it's bye-bye!
50 Fame points

Shrewd Guardian
She's greedy, flatters men, uses foul language, and is
petty to boot. But more importantly, she's strong.
30 Fame points

Amazing Chef
Her knife dances on the cutting board!
Her fondness for fish just adds to the charm.
50 Fame points

Great Pirate's Successor
She never claimed the title herself, but before she
knew it, people were calling her the Great Pirate.
50 Fame points

Irresistibly Cute
Is this cutie on a walk? Or going out for a bite?
Time to hook that special someone!
1 Fame point

Festival Fan Jr.
It's a festival! Time to catch goldfish
and grill some squid! It's party time!
50 Fame points

Paradise Pioneer
You finally found “paradise”, and now you've learned;
it's just a name used by those who don't know better.
100 Fame points

Gald Hunter
Call her cheap, a miser, stingy, or penny-pincher all you
want. Money's important, and it's calling this girl's name.
30 Fame points

Orca Overlord
She cleaves through the emerald sea.
Those charming eyes hide sharp fangs!
30 Fame points

Supreme Chef
One bite and you're hooked. Three, and you're
in heaven. That's the mark of the ultimate chef.
100 Fame points

Swab the deck! Get busy!
The path to marine supremacy starts with a mop.
1 Fame point

Man the lookout! Pirates off the port bow!
Get ready to sink those scurvy dogs!
10 Fame points

Full sail! Hard to starboard!
There's treasure to be found, storms be damned!
20 Fame points

Pirate King
The stars will show me the way, the sea will
take me there! The world is mine to sail!
30 Fame points

Fatal Pirate
Brighter than the blue of the sea.
End it quickly and mercifully with one strike.
150 Fame points