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Broken Aque Blastia
The aque blastia in the lower
quarter of the imperial capital
broke this morning, flooding the
entire plaza there. The townspeople
are doing all they can to remove
the water, but the situation
has yet to improve.

The flood is thought to be the
fault of a Mr. Mordio, a mage
who had come to repair the blastia,
but ended up stealing the core
that powers it instead.

With this information in hand, Yuri,
a youth from the lower quarter, is
following Mordio back to the royal
quarter to track the mage down.

Infiltrate the Royal Quarter!
Yuri was arrested by knights of the
Cumore Brigade after breaking into
the residence of Mr. Mordio.

He was also charged with the
harassment of Sirs Adecor and
Boccos, and is currently being
held in the castle dungeon.
The Knights planned on questioning
Mordio as well, but the mage
appears to have already
left the imperial capital.

Dungeon Escape
The alleged criminal, Yuri,
made an escape from the castle
dungeon last night.

The suspect was last seen talking
with the shady-looking man who
occupied the neighboring cell.

According to the guard on duty
at the time, the two were discussing
a "statue of the goddess." By
the time this information surfaced
however, the mystery man who
may hold the only clue to this
case, had been released.

Meeting with a Mystery Girl
Estellise, a young lady of the
castle, was reported by her guards
to have been accompanying the
suspect, Yuri, last evening.

It is assumed that the criminal
took the young lady with
him after subduing the knights
who were her escort.

Certain knights have claimed the
young lady left the castle in search
of a Lieutenant Flynn, but further
details are as yet unknown.

Assassin's Strike
Witnesses reported a scuffle between
Yuri and a man identified only
as "Zagi" in Lieutenant Flynn's
chambers this morning before
dawn. Both parties had apparently
come in search of Flynn.

The lieutenant is currently on a
pilgrimage however, and was not
present when the melee ensued.

Rumors have circulated that Estellise
was accompanying the fugitive,
Yuri, following these events,
but the head of security has
stated that aside from going
underground, escape from within
the castle is impossible.

Secret Passage
The Knights have announced the discovery
of an underground passage leading
from within the castle to the royal
quarter. Both Yuri and Zagi are
assumed to have used it as their
means of escape. The Knights are
focusing their search in the lower
quarter, as Yuri is expected
to return to his home there.

A spokesperson from the Imperial
Research Institute has speculated
that "the underground passage
may have been intended as an
escape route for the royal family
in times of emergency."

Go North, Young Man
Hanks, resident of the lower
quarter, has stated that Yuri
has successfully evaded the
Knights and left the capital.

Hanks claims that Yuri left in
pursuit of the alleged blastia thief,
a Mr. Mordio, and that a "cute
young thing, name of Estellise"
was with him at the time.
If Yuri is truly in pursuit of this
Mordio, he will most likely be headed
for Aspio, a destination that
would take him to the north.

Formidable Fort
Deidon Hold is a fort that lies
to the north of the capital.
In the season that monsters prowl
the northern plains, the gates
are closed and passage through
the Hold is forbidden.

It would appear that Yuri,
a young man who recently escaped
from the capital, has made
his way to the fort.

It is not uncommon for merchants
and travelers to conduct business
at the Hold while they
await its reopening.

Yuri is assumed to be mingling with
the other travelers in attempts to
gather information and supplies.

Rescue Operations
Just past noon today, Yuri and Estellise
were involved in rescuing a number
of people from a monster attack
outside of Deidon Hold.

With the closure of the Hold following
this event, the pair were assumed to have
returned to the capital.
Kaufman, the president of the
Fortune's Market guild, is said to have
informed them of an alternate route through
the woods to the west.

With all of the stories surrounding
the Quoi Woods, can the two really
be planning to go there?

The Forest Curse
Yuri is supposed to have entered
the Quoi Woods this afternoon.

With the suspension of travel through
Deidon Hold, Yuri was expected
to abandon his plans to go to
Aspio. His decision to brave
the perils of the woods, however,
may keep his hopes alive.

According to Yuri's companion, Estellise,
the Quoi Woods are plagued by a
curse. Despite this, the two appear
to have gathered up their courage
and entered the forest.

The Swooning Maiden
This afternoon, Estellise collapsed
in the Quoi Woods after suffering
a sudden turn in her disposition.

Yuri did his best to take care
of his companion, but the cause
of her discomfort is unknown.

The two noted that the broken blastia
in the vicinity may have been to blame
in some way. With his sights set
on Aspio, Yuri has resolved to press
deeper into the Quoi Woods.

Attack of the Hunter
Late this afternoon, Yuri and
Estellise were set upon by
young Karol Capel, a member
of the Hunting Blades.

The conflict turned out to be a
misunderstanding on Karol's part,
and blows were thankfully avoided.
Hopefully, this will serve as
a reminder to other guild members
not to jump to conclusions.

Though Karol had just come from
the town of Halure to the north,
he appears to have returned there
with Yuri and Estellise.

Trouble in the Town of Blossoms
Sometime past noon yesterday, the
town of Halure was attacked by
monsters. The monsters were defeated
by a knight on a pilgrimage,
but many appear to have been
injured in the struggle.

The young healer Estellise, passing
through the town by chance today,
tended to the injured.
However, the inactive barrier blastia
has yet to be restored.

The town has pinned its hopes on Yuri,
who examined Halure's famous tree
for some sign of a solution...

But will he succeed?

O Tree, Return to Beauty
With a panacea bottle, the blighted
soil causing the tree to
rot may be cleansed...

With these words, Karol has returned
to the Quoi Woods with Yuri
in hopes of finding the eggbear
claw and nia fruit required
to make the remedy.
The mayor holds the luluria
petal which the boy claims
is the final ingredient.

Restoring the Tree
This afternoon, Yuri and his
friends found and defeated
the eggbear of Quoi Woods.

Karol smeared himself with some of
the nia fruit's pungent juice to
lure the eggbear out of hiding.

Following this, the party returned
to town with the eggbear claw and
the nia fruit, and combined it with
the luluria petal to complete the
panacea bottle. Having received this
news, the townspeople eagerly awaited
the return of the blossoms.

The Girl who Makes Miracles
Just after noontime today, the
tree of Halure was returned to
health. Spirits fell at first when
the panacea bottle failed to have
any effect, but then Estellise
brought about a miracle.

The power she used restored the
tree, but just how she managed it
remains unclear at this time.

The young lady fled the town shortly
after, to escape her pursuers.
The mayor has said she will be
remembered for generations to
come as the girl who gave Halure
a much-needed miracle.

Onward to Aspio
According to the mayor, the target
of Estellise's search, a Lieutenant
Flynn, has made his way east.

As Yuri's destination of Aspio also
lies in that direction, the two have
agreed to continue their travels
together. The young Karol appears to
have gone with them in hopes of
rejoining his friends at the harbor.

The City Hidden in the Mountains
Three people appeared with a dog
at the gates of Aspio this morning
requesting to meet with Flynn, though
they lacked a passport. A young
man in the group also expressed
his desire to meet with a Mr. Mordio.
The trio is said to have withdrawn
after being refused entry by
the guards, but did not appear
willing to admit defeat.

Anticipating the possibility of
an illegal break-in, the city guard
is expected to tighten security
at the rear gate as well.

The Genius Mage of Aspio
An explosion was reported on the outskirts
of Aspio at around noon today. The
blast came from the residence of
one Rita Mordio. The incident is
assumed to be linked to Yuri's pursuit
of Mordio as the alleged blastia
thief. Rita denies the charges,
and has set out with the party
for the Shaikos Ruins to the
east to prove her innocence.

The Floating Ruins
This afternoon, Rita paid a visit
to the ruins of Shaikos to the east
of Aspio, for research purposes.
Recent excavations have uncovered
vast caverns stretching out beneath
the once-proud stone remains.

The party has discovered numerous
sets of footprints coming and
going from the ruins. Now suspecting
thievery herself, Rita has
apparently led the party into
the subterranean caverns.

Sentinel of the Depths
Rita suffered mild injuries while
investigating a humanoid blastia today,
when it sprang suddenly to life
and attacked. Estellise was on the
scene as well and treated Rita's
wounds with her healing artes.

The blastia had been activated by a
ransacking band of thieves. Hoping
that pursuing them would lead to information
about the stolen aque blastia, Yuri
chased after the person they encountered,
but not before toppling
the guardian of the ruins.

Who's Afraid of a Band of Thieves?
The ruin robber was captured yesterday
in the pre-dawn hours. From him,
the party learned that the recent
blastia theft has been the work of
a large-scale organization orchestrated
by a single person. This kingpin
was revealed to be a towering, one-eyed
man based in the port town of Torim.
To reach Torim on the neighboring
continent, the party must first
travel to the port of Nor,
and they have returned to Aspio
with this goal in mind.

Now, the thief they caught is
thought to have been turned over
to the authorities in Aspio.

Genius Mages Need Friends Too
The guards of Aspio made inquiries
into the sudden disappearance of town
eccentric, Rita Mordio. Last seen
on her way out of the city, the mage
is assumed to be setting off on
a journey. Word has it that Rita
was joined by Estellise, headed
to Halure to meet up with her friend
The mage plans to confirm
the safety of Halure's restored
barrier blastia for herself.

With Rita cleared of suspicion, Yuri
even offered up a rare apology.

A Mage's Curiosity
Rita, the blastia mage said to
have left Aspio, was spotted today
on the streets of Halure.

Upon seeing the town's great tree,
which Rita assumed to be withered,
witnesses say the young mage was
struck dumb with surprise.

The restoration of Halure's tree
seems to have touched off a
spark of curiosity in Rita.

Many have witnessed her busying
herself at the tree's base,
and she appears to be conducting
her research in earnest.

Wanted Man
Last evening, the Knights posted
their latest list of wanted criminals,
and Yuri Lowell's name appeared
among them. So far, however,
the young man has slipped easily
through the fingers of Lieutenant
Leblanc and his men.

Yuri has set his sights on Nor,
to the west, convinced that the
one-eyed man is the missing piece
in the puzzle of the stolen blastia.
Word on the street says Estellise's
chances of running into
Flynn in Nor are high.

A Hill with a View
The barrier blastia atop Ehmead
Hill was destroyed suddenly
today by the "dragon rider".

No one was injured, but the Knights
have set up a watch as the barrier
is currently inoperable.

The Knights responded to a second
disturbance caused by a female mage
who tried to approach the blastia.
This mage is assumed to be none
other than Rita Mordio. The young
lady appears to have escaped
with Yuri and her other companions
to the top of the hill.

Over the Hill We Go
Yuri and his party were assaulted
by a gattuso this afternoon, as
they attempted to cross over Ehmead
Hill. The gattuso was among the
monsters that had previously
attacked the town of Halure.

Fortunately, the party seems
to have dispatched the beast
without incident. With this,
Halure should be safe from
any further monster raids.

After gazing down at the ocean
from atop the hill, the party
began their descent toward Nor.

Storms in the Harbor
Today at noon, Yuri was attacked
by a group of "red eyes" on one
of Nor's many back alleys. Hearing
the commotion, Flynn and his
patrol joined the fray and
dispersed the assailants.

Having found Flynn in good health
after her lengthy journey, Estellise
went with the lieutenant to the
inn to catch up on recent events.

Yuri is doing his best to stay
busy in town while waiting
for their meeting to end.

The Tyrant Magistrate
Estellise sought an audience
with Nor's magistrate, Ragou,
suspecting his rule to be
unjust, but was denied.

Having heard of the magistrate's
desire for the horn of a monster
called Rhybgaro, the party set out
for the town's outlying areas in
hopes of capturing the beast.

Meanwhile, Flynn, accompanied by
the mage Witcher from Aspio, is preparing
to exercise his authority to
investigate Ragou's mansion.

In Search of Rhybgaro
Yuri and his companions defeated
a golden monster on the plains
outside Nor this afternoon.

The creature was none other than
Rhybgaro, who had been released into
the wild by the harbor magistrate.
The party collected the beast's
horn, and then set it free.

With the monster no longer of
value, the magistrate has no reason
to force those who fail to
pay their taxes to hunt it.

Monsters in the Basement
A brigand by the name of Raven stole
into the magistrate's mansion earlier
today. He seems to have managed
the feat by using Yuri and his companions
to create a diversion.

In the ensuing turmoil, the party
dispatched several of the mercenaries
hired to guard the estate.

Tricked by Raven, they eventually
found themselves locked in the
mansion's basement. The group
saw signs of monsters being kept
there, but to what purpose,
they could not say. How will
they get out of this mess?

Rumble at Ragou's Mansion
Earlier this evening, a fire broke
out at the magistrate's mansion.

The blaze is thought to have started
when the dragon rider destroyed
a blastia at the estate.

Lieutenant Flynn and his men happened
to be on patrol nearby and discovered
an illegal blastia in the magistrate's
possession when he responded to
the emergency. Before they could
question the official, he boarded
a ship and fled the scene.

Rather than give chase, the Knights
focused their efforts on subduing
the fire, leaving Yuri and friends
to pursue the runaway Ragou.

From a Sinking Ship
Ragou's personal ship was sunk off
the bay of Torim late this afternoon.
The boss of the Blood Alliance,
also aboard the vessel, was revealed
to be the ringleader behind
the theft of blastia cores.

The magistrate and his crew made their
escape in life boats, but Yuri and
his companions were left aboard the
sinking ship.
The group was thankfully
rescued by the Knights, and Yuri
himself saved a young man who would
have gone down with the ship.
Eager to learn the details of
the incident, Flynn awaits a meeting
with Yuri at Torim's inn.

Unpunished Crimes
The magistrate of Nor underwent questioning
today at the hands of Lieutenant
Flynn. The Knight charged the official
with possession of illegal blastia
and the alleged abduction of Prince
Ioder, a candidate for the throne.
Due to lack of evidence, however,
Ragou was set free.

After receiving a tip about a band
of fighters believed to be Barbos's
Blood Alliance, Yuri and his
companions have set out for
a town northwest of Torim.

Warning from the Hunting Blades
The city of Caer Bocram on the
Tolbyccian continent was placed
under the control of the Hunting
Blades guild today, with entry
forbidden to all others.

Though the city was reduced to rubble
in an earthquake over ten years
prior, the continued presence of
monsters there makes it a prime
hunting spot for the guild.

Harsh words were exchanged between
Karol and his former guildmate, Nan,
when the party sought to enter.

A Cave Beneath the Ruins
A terrible monster lay in wait
beneath the ruins of Caer
Bocram... So spoke a member
of the Hunting Blades.

The monster apparently flew
into a rage when the blastia
entrapping it was destroyed
by the dragon rider.

In the end, the monster was subdued
by Yuri and his companions.

Calmed by the party's attack, the
monster retreated to its lair in
the city sewers. Following this,
the party returned to the surface
to leave the city and get
back to their original task.

Lower Quarter Lad Arrested!
Yuri and his companions were
placed under arrest by the
Knights today upon leaving
the city of Caer Bocram.

Estellise was also revealed
to be an heir to the imperial
throne, and Yuri has been charged
with her kidnapping.

Considering the numerous other offenses
hung on his name, the Knights
are expected to take the youth
to Heliord for questioning.

In the end, the tip Yuri received
regarding the Blood Alliance led
him only to the Hunting Blades.

A Full Pardon
The Imperial Knights absolved Yuri
Lowell of his crimes today, as compensation
for aiding in the rescue of Prince
Ioder and for his protection
of Princess Estellise.

Though his arrest at Caer Bocram
was undone immediately, Yuri
did not appear overjoyed following
his release at Heliord.

Yuri is hoping to meet one final
time with the Princess, who is scheduled
to return to the capital.

Blastia Problems
"It's not supposed to make that
sound..." Rita Mordio was overheard
making this comment in regards
to Heliord's barrier blastia, during
her visit to the city today.

The mage also reported witnessing
disturbances in the aer at
Caer Bocram, and is growing
increasingly worried.

This time however, with the
Knights on hand, Yuri decided
to let the ever-dependable
Flynn deal with the problem.

Genius Mage to the Rescue
Heliord's barrier blastia went
berserk today, flooding the city
with excessive amounts of aer.

Rita quickly made adjustments to
the blastia, getting the situation
under control mere moments before
the device exploded, but she
was injured in the process.

Rita was rushed to an inn by the
Knights. Estellise is watching
over her now, doing all she can
to heal the girl with her artes.

Return of the Dragon Rider
The dragon rider staged an attack
on Heliord last evening.

The assailant is thought to be the
one behind the chain of destroyed
blastia throughout the land.

The dragon rider also attacked
the room Rita was resting in,
but Yuri took up his sword
and fought the invader off.

Estellise threw herself in front
of Rita in the commotion, and the
mage was stunned by her kindness.

A Task Assigned
After her success in diffusing the
blastia, Rita was recruited by the
Knights to investigate the Keiv
Moc Woods to the west of Heliord.
Princess Estellise, who had planned
to return to the capital, has
decided to extend her stay with
the group a while longer.

The party also plans to stop
by the guild city of Dahngrest
on their way to the forest, in
hopes of gathering information
about the Blood Alliance.

Stronghold of the Guilds
Earlier this morning, the party arrived
at Dahngrest, the center of guild
culture. They are thought to be
seeking an audience with the head
of the guild Union, Don Whitehorse,
to discuss Barbos's role in
stealing the blastia cores.

Begun as a means of mediating
disputes between guilds, the
Union sits in the center of
Dahngrest and handles guild-related
matters of all kinds.

For Our Beloved Town!
Monsters poured into Dahngrest today
when the city's barrier failed suddenly.
Along with help from Yuri and
Flynn, the Union succeeded in repelling
the attack. Deciding to eradicate
the monsters in their lair,
Don Whitehorse led a raiding
party out of the city.

Their meeting with the Don thus postponed,
the party has set out with Rita
for Keiv Moc, to guard the mage
during her investigations there.

The Emerald Forest
High humidity, overgrown plants
and trees, and a particularly vicious
breed of monsters. Upon setting
foot in Keiv Moc, visitors are
bombarded with an unsettling
array of sights and sounds.

What causes these abnormalities?
Hoping to uncover some answers to
this question, Rita has plunged
into the depths of the forest. The
party encountered Raven on their
way in, and he has joined their
cause for the time being. With memories
of their meeting in Nor still
fresh, the group does not appear
overjoyed by his presence.

The Silent Aer
Since entering Keiv Moc, Rita
has proposed that the large quantities
of aer being produced there are to blame
for the forest's overgrown condition.

A solitary figure appeared and put a stop
to the overflow of aer, but the party has
no clues to his identity, as he departed
shortly thereafter.

With the decreased aer, the threat
of monster attacks has also lessened,
and the Don has returned
once more to Dahngrest.

Yuri plans to revisit the
city in hopes of meeting
with the Union leader.

Letter from an Imperial Candidate
Lieutenant Flynn arrived at Union
headquarters this morning to present
the Don with a letter from Prince
Ioder requesting cooperation
in dealing with Barbos.

The letter, however, instead detailed
a plan to pardon Barbos's heinous
crimes in exchange for the life of
Don Whitehorse.
Taking this affront as a declaration of war,
the Don roused the guilds to action,
and Dahngrest now teeters on the brink of all
out battle with the Knights.

Flynn is thought to have been taken
to prison for delivering the message,
and many fear for his safety.

The Ties That Bind
Flynn, the knight who delivered
a threatening letter to the Union,
appears to have been freed
from prison, with Yuri going
behind bars in his place.

Yuri was willing to make this sacrifice
on account of their long-standing
friendship. Moved by this show
of compassion, the Don set Yuri
free as well, and is said to
have entrusted the youth with
calming tensions between
the Union and the Knights.

Hounding the Mastermind
A clash between the Union and the
Knights was narrowly avoided today
when Flynn arrived with an authentic
letter from Prince Ioder.

The problems began when the first
letter, a fake, was put in the Don's
hands. Having traced the deception
back to Barbos, Yuri has followed
the leader of the Blood Alliance
to Ghasfarost Tower, the guild's
base of operations. Witnesses say
Yuri was seen heading for the tower
with none other than the blastia-destroying
dragon rider.

Tower in a Tempest
Estellise and the rest of the
party made their way to Ghasfarost
today and succeeded in meeting
up with Yuri, who had
arrived there earlier.

Yuri was joined by a Miss Judith,
a female Krityan. The two had
collaborated earlier to break
free from the tower's jail.

Believing Barbos and the lower quarter's
aque blastia core to be waiting
at Ghasfarost's summit, Yuri and
his companions have begun the
climb toward confrontation.

Storm's End
Yuri's party clashed with Barbos
atop Ghasfarost Tower today in
a bitter struggle that ended
in defeat for the guild boss.

Barbos is thought to have perished
after hurlling himself from the tower's
heights following the battle.

Having found the lower quarter's
blastia core, Yuri's journey would
appear to have come to a close.

The party has agreed to return
to Dahngrest for the time being.

The Guilty Be Punished
The Knights have made clear Barbos's
involvement in the theft of the blastia
cores, as well as his attempts to
incite a war between the Union and
the empire. Magistrate Ragou has also
been taken into custody. Lieutenant
Flynn is slated to be decorated
by the Knights for his pivotal
role in diffusing the conflict.

Ragou will be transferred to the
capital tomorrow. With crowds expected
to line the streets in hopes of
witnessing Nor's fallen tyrant,
the Knights and the Union will
be keeping strict watch to prevent
the criminal from becoming
a victim of vengeance.

Death to the Guilty
In a proclamation today, the imperial
Council announced that Ragou
has been absolved of his crimes
against the public good by way
of insufficient evidence.

The magistrate's sudden disappearance
following this pardon has raised fears
that he may become a target of retribution
for those who suffered under the
yoke of his authority. There are
even whispers that Ragou has already
been killed, and the Knights
are searching feverishly for
any sign of his whereabouts.

In other news, Flynn's promotion
to Captain was made public today.

Trouble Breeds Still More Trouble
Dahngrest was attacked today by
a massive bird monster. Princess
Estellise found herself in its
sights just before her departure
for the capital, but was fortunately
saved from harm by Yuri.

The monster was driven off by a secret
weapon wielded by the Knights. Some
say that it spoke in a human tongue
and had come specifically to do
away with the Princess, but these
rumors are as yet unconfirmed.

Estellise seems to have altered
her previous plans, and has left
the town with her companions
in the direction of Heliord.

A New Guild is Born!
This morning, Karol Capel
proclaimed the formation of
the guild Brave Vesperia.

Though a mere 12 years old, Karol
has been in and out of numerous guilds
and accumulated a wealth of experience
rare for a boy his age.

The guild is guarding Princess Estellise
in her search for the speaking
monster, and is currently headed
for the Sands of Kogorh.

The guild plans to reach
Torim by way of Heliord, and
then to charter a ship.

A Town Without Direction
Heliord's citizens have begun to
disappear in what is becoming an
alarming trend. Some say that
harsh labor practices in the town
are to blame, but such an explanation
seems insufficient given the
large numbers of people that
have now gone missing.

A man named Teagle, who moved here
from Nor recently, is one such
example. The man's wife, Kelas,
has asked Brave Vesperia to search
for her husband. Determined to
get their man, the party hatches
a racy plan of seduction to
distract the city's guards.

How to Make a Gorgeous Gown
Today we will be explaining
the method for putting together
a truly stunning dress.

While the nobles of the capital can
order their gowns from the trendiest
fashion boutiques, such luxuries
are not available to those living
in frontier towns. In a pinch though,
a plumed tail, some sparrow's
down, and a basilisk scale can
be combined to turn out a dress
of the highest caliber!

If, like Brave Vesperia, your plans
call for a little risky business,
don't miss this chance to make a dress
that'll knock their socks off.

The Boomtown's Secrets
Having rescued her from confinement
in the Knights' guard house,
the party learned from Rita of
the widespread forced labor
being conducted in Heliord.

Believing this discovery to be
a lead to Teagle's disappearance,
Brave Vesperia set about investigating
the labor camp.

Having witnessed the transport
of some suspicious blastia,
Rita is strongly urging the
party to uncover the true nature
of the camp's operations.

Freeing the Oppressed
Responding to rumors of slave labor
in Heliord, Captain Flynn has
conducted a raid on the labor
camp and set the workers free.

It would seem that Captain Cumore
of the Knights, who had organized
the labor camp, had also relieved
the interim magistrate in Heliord
of his duties. The Captain is also
suspected to have been using the
camp as a means of amassing
a store of illegal weaponry.

Brave Vesperia appears to have
given chase when the renegade
Captain made his escape.

Friendship Treaty Deadlock
Prince Ioder arrived in Heliord
today from Capua Torim, where he
had been previously stationed.

Having learned of obstacles preventing
the establishment of a friendship
treaty with the Union, the Prince
has chosen the frontier town as a
base from which to renew negotiations
with the guilds, due to its increased
proximity to Dahngrest.

The Union has also instructed Raven
to travel with Brave Vesperia in
their efforts to monitor the movements
of Princess Estellise.

Watch Out for Mermen
A ship belonging to Fortune's Market
has set sail from Torim. Although
the waters are thick with schools
of mermen searching for prey at
this time of year, the guild president
seemed adamant about leaving
the harbor town behind.

Hired on to serve as guards for the
duration of the voyage, Brave Vesperia
has been promised free use of
the craft if they can help it
reach its destination safely.

The guild has set sail on the open
sea with a course set for the
southern city of Nordopolica.

Defeating the Mermen
The Fiertia, a ship carrying
the cargo of the Fortune's Market
guild, ran into a group
of mermen this afternoon.

The cargo appears to have been saved
however, thanks to the efforts
of Brave Vesperia, a guild serving
as guards aboard the vessel.

The mermen possess enough reason
not to attack any ship that has defeated
them a second time, and so the
Fiertia is estimated to be in
the clear for the remainder of
its voyage toward Nordopolica.

Ghost Ship in the Mist
The Fiertia, a vessel belonging
to Fortune's Market, appears
to have collided with a ghost
ship this afternoon.

Members of Brave Vesperia boarded
the mysterious craft to investigate.
After they failed to return,
however, the remaining members
grew worried and have now
gone looking for them.

The president of Fortune's
Market, a Ms. Kaufman, stayed
with the Fiertia, hoping for
the guild's safe return.

What's in the Box?
Brave Vesperia discovered
a small red box within the
captain's cabin of the ghost
ship they boarded today.

The Captain's log confirmed that
the ship has been around for 1000
years, and that its mission was
to bring a so-called clear ciel
crystal to the town of Yormgen
as a means of defending its residents
from monster attacks.

Having made up their minds to
deliver the clear ciel crystal
to Yormgen themselves, Brave
Vesperia took the box and
has returned to the Fiertia.

A City Ringing with Warrior Songs
Brave Vesperia arrived at the city
of Nordopolica this morning.

Their companion, Raven, revealed himself
to be an officer of the guild Altosk.
He has come to deliver a letter
from Don Whitehorse to Belius,
the Duce of Nordopolica.

Brave Vesperia may use the
opportunity to introduce themselves
to Belius as well.

Nordopolica's leader does not meet
with just anyone, however. Those
who seek an audience with her must
first receive the approval of
the city's guild, Palestralle.

New Moon Duce
The members of Brave Vesperia visited
the headquarters of the Palestralle
guild in hopes of meeting with
Nordopolica's ruler, Belius.

But according to the Duce's
retainer Natz, Belius only
makes appearances on the
evening of the new moon.

The new guild has taken up residence
at an inn in the city to wait for
the arrival of the next new moon.

Coliseum Quarrel
Regaey, boss of the guild Ruins'
Gate, was hurt today when he
attempted to break up a quarrel
between two guildmates.

After observing Yuri's skill
in resolving the conflict, the
boss then asked Brave Vesperia
to take on a new job.

Though Yuri is still on the fence
about accepting the work, Regaey
is apparently waiting for the
guild at the entrance to
the city's famed coliseum.

It's the Title Bout!
Yuri faced off against defending
champion Flynn in a rare match against
friends for today's coliseum title
bout. The latter is rumored to
have originally entered the tournament
for work-related reasons. Regaey
hired Yuri to defeat the reigning
champion, but the two now realize
that they have been tricked
by the guild boss.

A sudden appearance by Zagi put the
match on hold, and when Regaey made
his escape, Brave Vesperia was seen
heading west, hot on his heels.

An Aer-Filled Cave
A geyser of aer was found to
be pouring out of the Weasand of
Cados this afternoon.

Fortunately, a crisis was avoided
when a strange monster appeared and
stabilized the environment. Amidst
this confusion, Regaey was revealed
to be none other than Yeager, leader
of the guild Leviathan's Claw.
The duplicitous boss evaded his
pursuers during the chaos.

Brave Vesperia's resident blastia
expert, Rita, appears to have put her
investigation of the cave on hold
in favor of chasing after Yeager.

The Wind-Swept Oasis
Late this afternoon, Brave Vesperia
arrived in Mantaic, a town lying
between the foothills and the central
areas of the Sands of Kogorh.

The guild is currently divided
on whether or not they should proceed
further into the desert.

Many of Mantaic's previous visitors
have been faced with this same decision,
and Brave Vesperia's members
will give the matter some serious
thought before proceeding.

Forward, Into the Desert
Estellise released Brave Vesperia
from their contract with her this
afternoon. Nevertheless, she paid
the guild their agreed-upon sum,
insisting on calling it a keepsake
of their travels together.

The Princess appeared set upon
going into the unforgiving desert
alone. Unable to allow this,
the guild has pledged to continue
on as her guardians.

The party was last seen entering
the inn to prepare for their coming
trek into the desert sands.

The Magistrate's Unreasonable Demands
Brave Vesperia came across a group
of Imperial Knights harassing
two young children today and put
a stop to the mistreatment.

The Knights withdrew apologetically
upon recognizing Princess

The brother and sister were apparently
setting out to search for their parents
who had been sent to the desert
by order of the magistrate.

Brave Vesperia is now planning to
enter the desert to find the missing
parents in place of the children.

Where the Cacti Grow
Exhausted and weary, the members
of Brave Vesperia took shelter at
a small oasis they stumbled upon
in the middle of the desert.

The guild had been gathering water
from any cacti they happened
to find, but with water bottles
empty and the heat beating down
relentlessly, they were but moments
from collapse when they came
across the sanctuary.

They will have to be more
frugal with their water stores
if they hope to survive
in the desert after this.

A Legendary Utopia
Having gone missing last night in
the Sands of Kogorh, Brave Vesperia
was found today to be resting in a
northern desert town with a couple
believed to be the missing parents
of the two children in Mantaic.

The guild had encountered a strange
monster in the central desert
prior to this, and found themselves
sapped of all strength when
they prepared to do battle
with the creature.

The guild has learned that the
town is none other than Yormgen,
mentioned by the Captain of
the ghost ship in his journal,
and have begun to explore their
surroundings in earnest.

A Broken Clear Ciel Crystal
The clear ciel crystal retrieved
from the ghost ship by Brave Vesperia
was shattered today by Duke, a
man known in Yormgen as the Sage,
when the guild handed it to him.
Details surrounding this figure
remain unclear as he has so far
declined any explanation of
his person or his actions.

Having abandoned their plan of meeting
Phaeroh, the guild appears to be preparing
for a return to Nordopolica
via Mantaic to speak with Belius
on the night of the new moon.

Oppression Hits a Speed Bump
A cart laden with people being sent
to the desert by the Knights was
stalled in Mantaic this morning
when it broke down on its way out
of town. This event is expected
to put an end to the forced removal
of the town's citizens.

Brave Vesperia was outraged to find
the infamous Captain Cumore in charge
of the garrison here, and will
remain in the town for the time
being to monitor the situation.

Tyrant Gone Missing?
The whereabouts of Captain Cumore
have been unknown since sometime
last evening. Captain Flynn had
taken over stewardship of Mantaic
from Cumore, but appears to
have withdrawn to Nordopolica
with the ban on travel to and
from Mantaic now lifted.

Brave Vesperia is rumored to have
been involved in the Captain's
disappearance, but the veracity
of such claims is uncertain. The
guild has its sights set on Nordopolica
as well, hoping to gain
an audience with Belius.

A Blocked Windpipe
The Weasand of Cados has been under
blockade by the Knights since
yesterday afternoon. The imperials
appear to be taking security
quite seriously, having gone
so far as to bring trained monsters
with them to the cave.

Upon approaching, Brave Vesperia
used the monsters to their
advantage and managed to break
through the blockade.

Having emerged on the continent's
eastern plains, the group is
now making for Nordopolica.

A Moonless Night
Brave Vesperia arrived in Nordopolica
just after noon today.

The guild plans to seek information
regarding the monster Phaeroh
from Belius, and to deliver a
letter from the Don to the Duce
as well.

They arrive to find Nordopolica undisturbed,
despite pressure from the Knights
and the nearby blockade.

Audience with the Duce
The Brave Vesperia guild was granted
an audience with Belius today.
The details of their exchange
are unclear, but their talk was
interrupted when the Hunting
Blades stormed into the city.

Clint, the guild chief, and his
second, Tison, are said to have broken
into the Duce's chambers.

Their meeting cut short, Brave Vesperia
left hurriedly for the Coliseum
where the Hunting Blades have
concentrated their attack.

At present, Nordopolica is clenched
tightly in the jaws of panic.

Coliseum in Chaos
Monsters resembling foxes went wild
at the coliseum yesterday, rousing
the Knights to action. The monsters
were eventually defeated by Brave
Vesperia, but the guild was pursued
by the Knights and forced to
flee from the city by ship.

Numerous sources report witnessing
an argument between Yuri and Captain
Flynn, but the details of the
disagreement are unknown.

From the presence of Don Whitehorse's
grandson Harry, many suspect
the recent upheaval to be
the work of the Union.

The members of Brave Vesperia
are currently stuck drifting on
the open ocean.

The Fiertia Adrift
Brave Vesperia broke free from the
Knights, but ran immediately into
new troubles. The ship's new ceres
blastia made the escape possible,
but Judith has destroyed the device,
and the craft is drifting aimlessly
on the water. The guild is
doing all they can to make
the necessary repairs.

With Judith's identity as the dragon
rider unknown, her companions are
left with no explanation for her
actions. The other members of Brave
Vesperia cannot conceal their
surprise. The guild is expected
to make for Dahngrest as soon
as they have gotten underway.

A Time-Worn Hero
Upon Brave Vesperia's arrival in Dahngrest,
Raven left the guild to report
to Union headquarters before the
meeting with Don Whitehorse.

Having learned of Leviathan's Claw's
role in provoking the incident
at the coliseum, Don Whitehorse
has set out alone for the guild's
hideout, intent on uncovering
their true purpose. Concerned for
the Don's welfare, Brave Vesperia
has apparently followed.

The hideout of Leviathan's Claw,
the Manor of the Wicked, lies
to the east of Dahngrest.

The Deathly Mansion
A clash of swords rang out from the
Manor of the Wicked late last night.
When Brave Vesperia entered the premises,
they found the Don already engaged
in battle with Yeager.

Agents of Leviathan's Claw prevented
the guild's intervention, and the
Don and Yeager disappeared into the
depths of the hall. Hoping to aid
Whitehorse in some way, the party
is assumed to have pursued the pair
to the manor's second floor.

Wicked Showdown
Negotiations between the Don and
Yeager broke down this morning
in the pre-dawn hours, before
the two could reach a peace.

Brave Vesperia defended the Don as
he fled from the manor, and having
made good their own escape, are
already returning to Dahngrest.

The guild was also able to deliver
to the Don the clear cyano crystal
they received from Belius during
their time in Nordopolica.

Fallen Star
Don Whitehorse, leader of the
Union, took his own life this
morning in atonement for the
errors of his subordinates, which
were ultimately responsible
for the death of Belius.

Yuri served as the Don's second
in the grim task, and left the city
behind after paying his condolences,
eager to be moving on.

The party crossed paths with
Yeager in their departure,
but the situation was resolved
before it could escalate.

The Dragon on the Mountain
Brave Vesperia set sail
today, just after noon.

The guild has received word that Miss
Judith, who left them recently, can
be found in the vicinity of Temza,
a mountain to the north of the Sands
of Kogorh. They will most likely
approach the area from the northwestern
region of Desier.

It is not yet clear how the guild
plans to address Judith's desertion
once they find her.

Heading for the Summit
Members of the Hunting Blades, who
had come to Mt. Temza in search
of monsters, were attacked today
by a lone female assailant. The
situation was prevented from getting
too far out of hand by the intervention
of Brave Vesperia.

The area was once said to be inhabited
by the Kritya, but is now nothing
more than an abandoned ruin.

The guild is proceeding to
the mountain's summit, following
in Judith's footsteps.

The Bird of the Desert
The mount used by the blastia-destroying
dragon rider was found atop Mt.
Temza this afternoon where the
guild witnessed the creature
undergo a transformation.

The dragon, Ba'ul, appeared quite
tame in the presence of Judith.

Brave Vesperia plans on making use
of the dragon's flight to breach the
desert's mountains and meet with
Phaeroh, the bird-lord of Kogorh.

The Truth of the Full Moon Child
Brave Vesperia encountered
Phaeroh today in the mountains
of the Sands of Kogorh.

According to Phaeroh, Princess Estellise's
existence creates an imbalance
in the world's supply of aer.
The phenomenon sounds similar to
that described by Judith in regards
to the world's blastia.

Learning that the answers they seek
may lie in the town of Myorzo,
the guild plans to visit a Krityan
researcher in Aspio to inquire
of the city's whereabouts.

A Krityan Guide
Arriving in Aspio earlier this evening,
Brave Vesperia succeeded in contacting
the Krityan youth, Tort.

According to his testimony, the
entrance to Myorzo is to be found
in Egothor Forest, a land sacred
to the Krityan people.

Located on the western side of
the Hypionian continent, control
of the forest is apparently in
the hands of an unknown force.

The guild received an item necessary
for entry into Myorzo from Tort,
and having promised to rid the holy
land of its occupiers, are currently
en route to the forest.

The Forest Sanctuary
Light was seen flashing from the
hoplon blastia installed in Egothor
Forest today, with Brave Vesperia
becoming targets of the devices
three times as they attempted
to enter the area.

The attacks caused Estellise
to activate her power, and Yuri
suffered light injuries when
he deflected the second attack
using only his sword.

Rita succeeded in deactivating
the first blastia with an encrypted
formula, and is determined
to dispatch the second device
using the same methods.

A Curious Shadow
A gigantic creature resembling a
jellyfish appeared in the skies
above Egothor early this morning.

The massive creature appeared when
Judith rang the bell she carried while
standing atop the forest's highest
peak. Seeming to cover the very sky
with its vastness, the organism is,
according to Judith, none other
than the city of Myorzo itself.

Departing from the forest, Brave
Vesperia boarded the Fiertia,
and set a course for the
giant, hovering jellyfish.

City of Seclusion
Brave Vesperia arrived at Myorzo,
a city built upon a colossal
floating creature, this morning
while aboard the Fiertia which
was carried by Ba'ul.

Though the town's residents were
not unkind to the visitors, they
did not offer any particular welcome
to the outsiders, either. Judith's
request to meet with the elder of
the town was met with the ambiguous
response that the group should
simply "do as they wish."

The guild continues in their
attempts to seek out the
aforementioned Elder.

Bringer of the Cataclysm
Brave Vesperia met with the Elder
of Myorzo today and talked with
him for quite some time.

Over the course of the discussion,
the party learned of Estellise's identity
as a descendant of the Children of
the Full Moon. The powers of those
who bear this title, it was revealed,
are fated to bring about a calamity
that will destroy the world. The
Princess was understandably devastated
to receive this news.

The group is plotting their next
move from the house next to
the Elder's residence, where
they are staying at present.

Two Go Missing
Raven, who accompanied Brave Vesperia
to Myorzo, has been reported
missing since around noon today,
as has Princess Estellise.

Judging from the recent use of the
town's kines blastia, the guild
assumes their friends have descended
to the planet's surface, and have
left in search of the pair.

Witnesses in Mantaic report seeing
a flash of light far across the
desert, which may also point
to the use of a kines blastia.

The Commandant Exposed!
Even as the search for the Princess
continued, Brave Vesperia was rocked
by the news that Commandant Alexei,
of the Imperial Knights, has been
the true mastermind behind all the
guild has dealt with so far.

Yeager also took the opportunity
to reveal that the Commandant had
taken Estellise with him to Baction,
though why the guild boss should
betray Alexei is unclear. With
Flynn apparently involved in some
way as well, the situation has
grown decidedly complex.

A town is said to have once existed
where the Shrine of Baction now
stands, but if so, it was buried
deep beneath the sands long ago.

Monster vs. Mobile Fortress
Heracles, the mobile fortress of
the Imperial Knights, appeared today
and did fierce battle with an unidentified
monster in the vicinity
of the Shrine of Baction.

Mortally wounded, the creature
took refuge within the shrine,
and Commandant Alexei descended
from Heracles to follow
the monster in on foot.

Having determined that the Princess
entered the shrine even prior
to Alexei, Brave Vesperia are
making for Baction as well,
to rescue their friend.

Sanctum of the Sublime
Brave Vesperia entered the Shrine
of Baction today, close
behind Commandant Alexei.

They have made Princess Estellise's
safe return their foremost goal,
but were also drawn by their contempt
for Alexei's barbaric acts.

The temple proper is divided into
a perplexing series of catacombs,
but relying on their map, the
guild progresses ever closer
to the shrine's innermost reaches
and the waiting Princess.

Death of a Captain
A tremor struck the Shrine of
Baction today, collapsing its
inner sanctum, and Captain Schwann
of the Imperial Knights lost
his life in the tumult.

Captain Schwann, who was assumed to
be the alter ego of Raven, perished
in the process of enabling Brave
Vesperia to escape, and the guild
left the premises, crestfallen at
the loss of their former ally.

Prior to this tragedy, Alexei left
the shrine with Princess Estellise
in tow, using the Captain as
a shield to make his escape.

Alexei Returns to Heracles
The mobile fortress Heracles
was seen to be on the move
toward the Ilyccian continent
late this afternoon.

Brave Vesperia gave pursuit with
the knowledge that Alexei and Estellise
boarded the fortress following
their departure from Baction.

Meanwhile, Captain Flynn and
his brigade have assembled a
fleet and taken up the chase
by sea, hoping to bring the renegade
Commandant to justice.

Search for the Engine Room
Brave Vesperia succeeded in boarding
the mobile fortress today, but found
no sign of the Princess there.

The guild was startled when Zagi
reappeared suddenly and smashed
Heracles's control panel, rendering
the fortress inoperable.

Deciding that attacking the engine
room would be the surest means of
stopping the runaway vehicle, the
party has moved their search to the
inner workings of the fortress.

Stopping a Juggernaut
The apatheia that served as the source
of power to Heracles was destroyed
today by Brave Vesperia. The engines
powering the fortress ceased to
function, and the capital, previously
in the path of the juggernaut,
was saved as a result.

Based on a tip from Yeager that Alexei
has made his way to the capital,
the guild is considering the best
strategy for entering the city.

Return of the Commandant
The traitor Alexei made his return
to the imperial capital before noon
today. The city's defenses proved
no match for the fallen Commandant,
who was accompanied by his private
force, the Royal Guard.

It is unclear what fate Alexei has
in store for the Princess, and many
are concerned for the safety of
the city's residents as well.

Brave Vesperia have hardened their
resolve and are preparing to
follow Alexei into the capital
by approaching from the sky.

The Capital Enveloped in Aer
A dark cloud appeared suddenly
above the capital today, knocking
a dragon from the sky that
flew too near to it.

In actuality, the dragon, Ba'ul,
carrying Brave Vesperia in the Fiertia,
was struck down by Alexei's formula
that uses Estellise's tremendous
power against her will.

As luck would have it, the ship came
through the crash unscathed, but its
passengers were not so fortunate.
Forced to put Estellise's rescue on
hold, the guild has dragged itself
to nearby Nor in search of treatment
for its wounded members.

A Northern Detour to the Capital
Struck by the mobile fortress's
recent cannon fire, the roads leading
to inner Ilyccia from its seashore
have become impassable.

This has hampered Brave Vesperia's
return to the capital, but the
guild plans to try their luck
in crossing the Zopheir Rift,
a region of the continent's
northern sea, which is frozen
solid at this time of year.

Access to the Rift can only be
gained by traveling north along
a narrow strip of land pinched
between Ehmead Hill and the sea.

Sea of Ice
Their sights set on returning
to the empire, Brave Vesperia
took their first steps into
the Zopheir Rift today.

The guild has spotted a massive creature
that seems to be hounding them from
beneath the ice, and are keeping
themselves on constant alert.

Having prepared to rescue Estellise,
no matter what the cost, the
party will not falter until
their goal is achieved.

Menace Beneath the Ice
Today, Brave Vesperia narrowly defeated
the monster that dwells in the sea
beneath the ice of Zopheir Rift.
The creature made skillful use of
the aer flow to hunt its prey.

Karol displayed remarkable tenacity
in the battle, defending his companions
who had been pinned down by the monster,
earning their admiration in the process.

The effort took every ounce
of Karol's strength.

Though it means further delaying
Estellise's rescue, the party
appears to be stopped at Halure,
giving the courageous lad
some richly deserved rest.

Compassion for the Imperials
Their town affected by the disturbances
in the capital, Halure's elders
opened a council to determine
the stance the town will take
in the trying times ahead.

The meeting stretched over five hours,
but the group adjourned with the following
resolution: "All refugees from the
capital are to be received with kindness.
We will not yield to the terrorism
of the traitors." Hoping to keep
abreast of the changes in these
uncertain times, Halure is said
to be arranging an information
exchange with the capital.

A Noble Calling
On the authority of Prince Ioder,
the inn at Halure is currently offering
up its rooms and services free of
charge. These measures were taken
to accommodate the refugees arriving
daily from the capital.

According to the Prince, a refugee
himself, aer is running rampant
on the streets of the city,
making it uninhabitable.

Having heard this news, Brave
Vesperia retired to Halure's
inn to discuss its affect
on their rescue mission.

Going it Alone
Yuri left Halure this evening
headed for the capital, determined
to rescue Princess Estellise

The young man's solitary action
would seem to have resulted from
some decision reached among the
members of Brave Vesperia.

The Knights are amassing a force
at Deidon Hold for the purpose of
retaking the capital, and regular
passage through the fort is currently
being severely restricted.

The Lost Capital
Yuri was reunited with the other
members of Brave Vesperia when
they managed to catch up
with him this afternoon.

The experience strengthened the bonds
of friendship in the guild, and
is expected to have a lasting effect
on their future endeavors.

With entry to the lower quarter
barred by wildly overgrown vines,
Brave Vesperia is planning
to gain access to the capital
via the citizens' quarter.

Storm-Wracked City
Brave Vesperia successfully entered
the capital this afternoon. Faced
with the highly concentrated
aer plaguing the city, the guild
will be making for Zaphias Castle,
where they hope to find
the Princess and Alexei.

Yuri appears preoccupied with thoughts
of his hometown, sealed off as it
is by a barricade of plant life.
His companions believe his concern
to stem from stories they have heard
of lower quarter residents who
failed to escape the capital.

Familiar Faces
Following their successful infiltration
of Zaphias Castle, Brave Vesperia
discovered the lower quarter's
residents holed up in the castle
dining hall. The relocation was
accomplished by Lieutenant Leblanc
and two of his knights.

Though glad to be reunited
with his community, Yuri returned
at once to the matter
of Estellise's rescue.

Meanwhile, Alexei appears to
be using Estellise's power from
within the capital's barrier
blastia, the Sword Steps.

Stair's End
In a move that has fanned the
flames of his rebellion, Alexei
raised the ancient ruins of
Zaude from the seas to the west
of the capital, and then fled
into the temple's halls.

After their battle with Alexei, Brave
Vesperia heeded the advice of Captain
Flynn and is gathering their
strength at Zaphias Castle.

Princess Estellise was freed from
her captor unharmed, but the guild
must press on to stop Alexei,
who now threatens to plunge the
world forever into darkness.

Crushed Ambitions
Brave Vesperia departed from Zaphias
Castle this morning in pursuit
of the traitor, Alexei.

Captain Flynn also appears to have
set forth from the capital, though
slightly later than the guild.

Their minds set to the task before
them, both groups have hastened after
Alexei to the fortress shrine of
Zaude, which has surfaced off
of Tolbyccia's southern shores.

Into the Fortress Shrine
Brave Vesperia infiltrated the fortress
shrine of Zaude this morning.

The group made their entry via a
ventilation shaft in the massive
structure after Phaeroh staged
a sudden attack, drawing the attention
of Alexei's Royal Guard.

It is thought that the insides
of the fortress are littered
with traps to stop intruders,
and we expect reports of even
greater heroism as Brave Vesperia
rises to the challenge.

Overcoming Obstacles
Yeager, the boss of the guild Leviathan's
Claw, perished today in the
depths of Zaude shrine.

Alexei had sent Yeager to dispatch
a group of intruders that
had managed to break through
the shrine's defenses.

The guild boss fell at the hands
of Brave Vesperia. His faithful
assistants Gauche and Droite
did not take part in the battle,
choosing instead to watch it
play out from a distance.

With their goal of defeating Alexei
remaining, Brave Vesperia have
continued their journey through
the halls of the shrine.

Falling Down
A beam of light was seen shooting
from the fortress shrine of
Zaude yesterday, and preceded
the appearance of a colossal
monster in the sky.

Alexei, who is thought to have triggered
the light, was defeated by Yuri,
but the young man appears to have
fallen from the shrine itself after
delivering the mortal blow.

The Knights staged a search of the
surrounding waters, but called off
their efforts at nightfall, having
found no sign of Yuri's remains.

Though assumed dead, Brave Vesperia
has not given up hope for
their friend's survival.

The Man in Black Returns
It was confirmed last night that
the lower quarter youth, Yuri,
though earlier pronounced dead,
is still among the living.

Princess Estellise, currently
staying in the lower quarter
herself, was overcome with relief
and rushed to inform her companions
of the good news.

After meeting with Judith, Yuri is
said to have made for Aspio, to learn
the results of the mage's research
concerning the shrine of Zaude.

Home Sweet Dahngrest
From her research on the Adephagos,
which appeared during the recent
incident at Zaude, Rita has determined
that, left unchecked, the current
imbalance of aer will usher
in a catastrophe of previously
unknown proportions.

The mage has rejoined Brave Vesperia
in hopes of stopping the Adephagos,
and is engrossed in the problem
of inhibiting the world's
production of aer.

The guild appears to have made
Dahngrest its next destination.

Humanity's Legacy
The theft of the cyano ciel crystal
from the private chambers of Don
Whitehorse was reported this evening.
The late Union leader was entrusted
with the item on the occasion
of the demise of Belius.

Though the Brave Vesperia guild
is under suspicion, Harry, the
Don's grandson and successor, is
said to have no intention of pressing
charges in the matter.

Last seen heading for the Zopheir
Rift, Brave Vesperia is rumored
to be using the stolen object
in an experiment designed to forestall
the coming apocalypse.

Birthplace of the Spirits
Brave Vesperia was seen entering
the Zopheir Rift this afternoon,
and witnesses say they were
carrying the cyano ciel crystal,
recently stolen from Dahngrest,
in their possession.

The guild apparently intends to
use the crystal to convert the
aer produced by the world's aer
krene into physical matter.

The ploy could mean an end to
the overabundance of aer currently
threatening the world,
but will it succeed...?

The Adephagos Awakens
Light was witnessed radiating from
the fortress shrine of Zaude again
this evening. Its effect has
caused the world's barriers to
vanish, and the Adephagos appears
to have redoubled its assault
on the planet as well.

Though successful with their experiments
in the Zopheir Rift, Brave Vesperia
learned that a portion of the
Adephagos has launched an attack
on Nordopolica. Calling a halt
to their research, the guild
is speeding toward the coliseum
city in hopes of defending
it from the onslaught.

Crisis Strikes Nordopolica
After arriving in the coliseum
city, Brave Vesperia succeeded
in obliterating the piece of the
Adephagos that had threatened to
destroy the town. It appears that
the creature had been consuming
the aer responsible for maintaining
the city's barrier.

Brave Vesperia entered Nordopolica
following the struggle and received
the gratitude of Natz, the city's
provisional Duce. Having confirmed
the findings of their experiments
by chance, the guild is gathering
information that will allow their
newfound power to create a
new ally: elemental spirits.

Bodies in Crystal
The experiments conducted by Brave
Vesperia have succeeded in producing
a spirit at last. The guild has
also announced that properly
used, these entities could cause
the Adephagos to manifest
itself in physical form.

But in order to accomplish this,
the guild must find materials similar
in nature to the cyano ciel crystal.
These substances may only be obtained
from the souls of three of the
so-called Entelexeia, located on
the Crystal Isle northeast of
Tolbyccia, in the mountains of
the Sands of Kogorh, and on the

continent of Weccea, respectively.
With this goal in mind, Brave
Vesperia has set out in search
of the ancient creatures.

An Island of Amethyst
Brave Vesperia has landed on the
Crystal Isle, found in the waters
off Tolbyccia's northeast coast.

Described as "a waking dream" by
Estellise, the surreal scenery
of the island appears to have profoundly
affected the Princess.

The guild has come in search of
one of the three Entelexeia they
must meet. If they succeed in pleading
their case, they will gain
the essence of a new spirit.

Birth of the Earth Spirit
Deep within the crystal forest of
Erealumen today, Brave Vesperia
came to the aid of the Hunting
Blades who were under attack by
the enraged Entelexeia, Gusios.

Determining that the ancient beast
would fall under the power of
the Adephagos if left unattended,
the guild was unable to avoid
taking arms against it.

The apatheia received from the
fallen Gusios became a spirit
on the spot, and was renamed
Gnome by Estellise, for his
unyielding perserverance.

Primordial Scars
Brave Vesperia arrived at Relewiese
today, on the continent of Weccea.

The surface of the continent, as
yet untouched by the hand of humanity,
lies high atop an impregnable
cliff. The jagged rows of stone
gullies and canyons extending
to the horizon here struck the
guild as one of the most mysterious
sights they have seen.

They have come in search of the
Entelexeia who makes these lands
its home, and if all goes well,
they will gain another spirit.

A Spirit Remembers
After defeating the Entelexeia Khroma
today in the ancient cave of Relewiese,
Brave Vesperia acquired the spirit
of Sylph from the apatheia they
received. The name, given by
Estellise, was explained to mean
"he who binds the winds."

Sylph then informed the guild
of Duke's tragic past, in which
Elucifur, the Entelexeia who fought
with Duke in the Great War,
was killed by the Empire.

A Fiery Resolve
The Entelexeia Phaeroh gave
council to Brave Vesperia
this morning in the mountains
of the Sands of Kogorh.

Injured in the attack on Zaude, Phaeroh
entrusted the guild with his hopes,
and consenting to join their
cause, became an apatheia.

Brave Vesperia converted the
crystal to its spirit form,
giving it the name Efreet.

Estellise bestowed the title,
and explained it to mean
"the blazing one."

The Spirits Assembled
Brave Vesperia has succeeded
in gathering together the
four elemental spirits.

With that goal accomplished, Rita
unveiled her plan to combat the
Adephagos by converting the world's
blastia cores into spirits.

Estellise was quick to note that
an operation of this magnitude
will require the cooperation of
the world's people, and the guild
has resolved to wait until
the time is right to act.

The group was last seen heading
to Nor to lay preparations
for the road ahead.

Return of the Ancient Tower
A tower reared up out of the ground
near Aspio, just after noon today.
Judging from the scale of the massive
monolith, Aspio is thought to have
been destroyed in the process.

Brave Vesperia claims this is
the ancient Tower of Tarqaron,
and believes its appearance
to be the work of Duke.

It would seem that the mysterious
man wishes to do away with
the Adephagos, though by what
means, no one can yet say.

A Friend in Need
Beginning last night and extending
on until dawn, the refugees from
the capital were ambushed by monsters
as they attempted to cross the
eastern plains of Hypionia.
Flynn and his brigade responded,
and are doing all they can
to repel the attackers.

Lieutenant Sodia and the mage Witcher
hurried to Nor to inform Brave Vesperia
of the situation. Hearing the
news, Yuri appears to have set
out at once to aid his friend.

Hearts United
The last of the monsters that
ambushed the imperial refugees
were defeated this afternoon
by Brave Vesperia.

Flynn took the occasion to
announce his plans for an assembly
of the world's leaders, to decide
the best course of action
against the Adephagos.

Wishing for participation from
all quarters, Brave Vesperia was
given the role of emissary to
the guilds, and the group
departed immediately for
Dahngrest and Nordopolica.

Vanquishing the World Eater
After negotiations with Brave
Vesperia, Harry and Kaufman of
the Union, and Natz of the Palestralle
guild are confirmed to be attending
the coming Adephagos summit
being held at the encampment
in eastern Hypionia.

Rita will also be presenting the
details of her worldwide plan for
spirit conversion at the assembly.

A Town Alight with Hope
The town that has sprung up around
the grounds of the Adephagos assembly
under Flynn's guidance is still without
a name. Some of the people now
settled there have taken to calling
the community "Flynn Town."

The fledgling town has no exports
or attractions to speak of yet,
but the beds at the inn there
are rumored to be among the
softest found anywhere.

Brave Vesperia is hoping to gather
their strength there before
departing for the confrontation
now looming before them.

To the Ancient Spire
It was decided at yesterday's
assembly that the world's blastia
cores will be used to eradicate
the Adephagos.

According to the plan, the cores
will be converted into spirit
form and injected into Vesperia
One. The colossal entity will
then be hit with the combined

power of all the spirits.
Wanting to get as close to their
target as possible, Brave Vesperia
has set out for the soaring
Tower of Tarqaron.

The Man who Raised Babel
Brave Vesperia arrived at the base
of Tarqaron tower today at noon.

The guild has its sights set on the
summit, ready to use Vesperia One
to wipe out the Adephagos. But what
of the man known as Duke and his
purposes in resurrecting the towering
monument? The world waits with
baited breath to see how he will
respond to the presence of the
guild, upon whose shoulders
the hopes of humanity rest.

Assassin's Last Stand
The assassin Zagi appeared suddenly
before the guild today in
the tower of Tarqaron.

The persistent killer has tracked
the guild down numerous times, but
their clashes have always ended in
his defeat. With every loss, the desperate
Zagi has had another part of
his body remade as a blastia.

Always returning to hound the guild,
no matter how badly he was beaten,
Zagi has fallen at last to Yuri's
blade. The battle won, Brave Vesperia
continued their ascent toward the
uppermost reaches of the spire.

Guild of Hope
Our heroes, Brave Vesperia, appear
to have finally arrived at Tarqaron's
lofty pinnacle. Will the plan to
convert the world's blastia into
spirits succeed? And if it does,
can their power be used to truly
eliminate the Adephagos?

And what role will be played
by the enigmatic Duke
in these final hours?!

Now we have only to believe; in the
unity that binds us to each other,
and in victory for Brave Vesperia.