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Normal Size Bag
It is unknown how much the bag can hold,
but it's enough for all your blastia.
PATK: 30
MATK: 30
PDEF: 30
MDEF: 30
180 Gald

Medium Size Bag
This bag will make your belongings feel very
light, no matter how much you put into the bag.
Synthesis Level: 8
Price: 4000 Gald
Mystic Cloth x1
Red Lens x2
Tortoise Shell x2
PATK: 60
PDEF: 60
Happiness, 100
Happiness 2, 100
Happiness 3, 100
8000 Gald

Large Size Bag
A bag so big that even Ba'ul can fit inside!
What’s strange is that every item is neatly placed inside.
Synthesis Level: 12
Price: 10000 Gald
Roper Tentacle x1
Spider Web x1
Bat Wing x4
PATK: 80
PDEF: 40
Run, 100
Coward, 100
Member Taunt, 100
20000 Gald

King Size Bag
The king of all bags. Considered the best of
the best. The quality lives up to its name.
Synthesis Level: 17
Price: 25000 Gald
Bucket Beak x1
Hippo Breath x1
Jaggy Fur x2
PATK: 120
Play Dead, 100
Critical Recover, 100
Item Pro, 100
50000 Gald