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World Map
A must-have item for travelers. It’s just a plain
piece of paper until you fill it in though.
0 Gald

Collector's Book
A book to record items you’ve obtained.
Try collecting every item and complete the book!
0 Gald

Monster Book
A book to record enemy details. Collect
various data to complete the book!
0 Gald

Sorcerer's Ring
A mysterious ring that can shoot aer.
Capable of distributing aer to targets.
0 Gald

Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 2
A mysterious ring that can shoot aer.
Capable of making physical impact.
0 Gald

Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 3
A mysterious ring that can shoot aer.
More powerful and can now crush rocks.
0 Gald

Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 4
A mysterious ring that can shoot aer.
Enhanced and can now shoot flames.
0 Gald

Sorcerer's Ring Lv. 5
A mysterious ring that can shoot aer
with increased power and range.
0 Gald

Moon Selector
Change the controlled character during
battle by opening the menu and pressing the button.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 1000 Gald
Red Lens x1
Insect Horn x3
1000 Gald

Winged Boots
Shoes decorated with wings. Increases
speed for those in a hurry.
Synthesis Level: 8
Price: 1000 Gald
Bird Feather (Small) x2
Bird Feather (Medium) x2
Mane x1
Grimoire Page x1
1000 Gald

Special Flag
A flag that allows you to change party leaders
in the Menu. It won't give you an extra life.
Synthesis Level: 1
Price: 1000 Gald
Blastium Ore x3
Bat Wing x2
Soft Tail x2
1000 Gald
Dropped by
Tison, 100%

Prison Key
A key received from a stranger
This should get me out of prison...?
0 Gald

Golden Horn
A Rhybgaro’s horn. Ragou collects them.
Maybe it’s worth a lot...?
0 Gald

Password Clue 1
A research note found in Caer Bocram.
The word "Light" is written on it.
0 Gald

Password Clue 2
A research note found in Caer Bocram.
The word "Sky" is written on it.
0 Gald

Password Clue 3
A research note found in Caer Bocram.
The word "Sphere" is written on it.
0 Gald

Wonder Log
A scrapbook of articles brought to you by
the Wonder Press. Trace your footsteps!
0 Gald

Battle Book
A collection of notes on all sorts of battle related
information. It’s important to go back to the basics!
0 Gald

A document necessary to enter Aspio.
It’s borrowed temporarily, so don’t lose it.
0 Gald

Cooking Match Invitation
A place only for master chefs!
Who is worthy of receiving the kiss of victory!?
0 Gald

Yumanju, Permanent Free Pass
Overpriced! It's a rip off!! Here’s a free ticket
to enter the notorious spa resort...
0 Gald

Nam Cobanda Isle, Entry Ticket
A free ticket to "The Happy Paradise".
Having too much fun could be tough on a Monday!
0 Gald

Limit Duo
Look into the orb to receive its powers.
It enhances Over Limits!
1000 Gald

Limit Trio
Look into the orb to gain the wisdoms
of the world. Enhances Over Limits!
Synthesis Level: 10
Price: 1000 Gald
Limit Duo x1
Flare Stone x1
Frost Stone x1
1000 Gald

Limit Quartet
Look into the orb to gain courage.
Enhances Over Limits!
Synthesis Level: 15
Price: 1000 Gald
Limit Trio x1
Air Stone x1
Geo Stone x1
1000 Gald

(C) B Statue
A statue of "Bravery" The story of a warrior
that conquered a 60-story tower alone.
0 Gald

(C) F Statue
A statue of "Fellowship". The story of a traveler
and the spirit that lives in his ring.
0 Gald

(C) H Statue
A statue of "Helmet". The story of one who
fought a dragon with to save a princess
0 Gald

(C) I Statue
A statue of an "Island". The story of
reclaiming one's home with a loud voice.
0 Gald

(C) J Statue
A statue of ”Justice”. The story of a child
of god who saved the world from disaster.
0 Gald

(C) L Statue
A statue of"Love". The story of a priestess who
waited for her lover to rescue her from a tower.
0 Gald

(C) M Statue
A statue of a "Myth". The story of one who
rode a Pegasus to rescue a goddess.
0 Gald

(C) N Statue
A statue of something ”New”. The story of
a car that collected flags and blinded opponents.
0 Gald

(C) P Statue
A statue of ”Police”. The story of a cop that
went after thieves to recover stolen treasures.
0 Gald

(C) R Statue
A statue of a "Runner". The story of a runner
who avoided all the traps, despite being hurt.
0 Gald

(C) S Statue
A statue of "Space". The story of a warrior
who fought evil creatures in an underground fortress.
0 Gald

Guide Bell to Myorzo
A bell that opens the entrance to Myorzo.
It was owned by the great Krityan guide.
0 Gald

Salvage Crane
A useful item capable of salvaging items
undersea. An awesome machine!
0 Gald

Kitchen Knife
An extremely sharp kitchen knife.
Also known as the legendary white knife.
Synthesis Level: 14
Price: 1000 Gald
Merman Fang x1
Merman's Weapon x1
Toad Oil x2
1000 Gald

Marking Map
A map that records locations marked by
Repede. The locations can be erased.
0 Gald

Zaude Orb
A gem found in Zaude shrine. It fell off
the pedestal for some reason.
0 Gald

Red Orb
A gem removed from a pedestal. It needs
to be returned to its original place.
0 Gald

Nia Fruit
One of the ingredients for a panacea bottle.
It gives off a bad stench when burned.
0 Gald

Eggbear Claw
One of the ingredients for a panacea bottle.
It looks bad, but is a useful medicine.
0 Gald

Luluria Petal
One of the ingredients for a panacea bottle.
A precious petal from the mayor of Halure.
0 Gald

Small Wolf Key
A key owned by a monster.
A picture of wolf is engraved on it.
0 Gald

Small Key
A key owned by a monster.
Which door does it open?
0 Gald

Panacea Bottle
A potion necessary to revive the tree of Halure.
Don’t drop it!
Synthesis Level: 0
Price: 10 Gald
Eggbear Claw x1
Nia Fruit x1
Luluria Petal x1
0 Gald

Aque Blastia Core
The blastia core stolen by Dedecchi and
then passed on to Barbos. We finally got it back!
0 Gald

Glass Marble
A reward from a kid. Just a plain ol' marble,
but it means more than the world to me.
0 Gald

Clear Ciel Crystal
A gem inside a red box. Let's bring it to
the "wise one".
0 Gald

Phaeroh's Feather
A feather colored like a flame.
It’s no ordinary feather!
0 Gald

Apatheia, Cyano Ciel Crystal
A piece of high density aer transformed
from Belius. Little is known about it.
0 Gald

Dein Nomos
A sword borrowed from Duke. The color
and sharpness change depending on the owner.
0 Gald

Book of Friendship
A book filled with complicated formulas,
theories and everything about male bonding.
0 Gald

Irmine's Manual
Some notes written by the stubborn old man, Irmine.
Mentions the method for processing the Everlight Stone...
0 Gald

Everlight Necklace
A necklace made with everlight.
Red stands for passion! It also attracts bulls...
0 Gald

Everlight Ore
A raw everlight stone. Very difficult to process.
0 Gald

Krones' Dew
Have Ba'ul drink this to make him stronger.
Very bitter and has no effects on humans.
0 Gald

Ba'ul's Horn
A horn made from a part of Ba'ul's body.
Press to call Ba'ul on the world map.
0 Gald

Friendship Fur Ball
A sign of friendship and trust. You can count
on your friends no matter how far apart you are.
0 Gald

Bush Baby Doll
Also known as Galago. Their big glassy
eyes are so darn cute!
0 Gald

Pterobronc Claw
Pterobronc's front claws. Very sharp, so you
don't want to cut your hands with it.
0 Gald

Hermes' Notes
A collection of research notes written by
the renown mage Hermes.
0 Gald

Fire Lily
Favorite flower of someone Raven liked.
Maybe that certain someone will like these too?
0 Gald

Comrade Crest
Engraved with the profiles of two men.
Represents a strong friendship.
0 Gald

Letter of Challenge (L. Claw)
A challenge from Gauche and Droite.
"This has nothing to do with revenge."
0 Gald

Imperial Crest
A symbol of the royal family.
It's worth a fortune, but don't sell it!
0 Gald

Letter to Leviathan's Claw
A letter from the Soul Smiths to Leviathan's Claw.
Written about future deals between the two guilds.
0 Gald

Compact of Remembrance
A compact left behind by someone Raven liked.
It brings back a bittersweet memory.
0 Gald

Rainbow Bookmark
You’ll get dizzy from staring at it for too long!
Use it to mark your place in a novel.
0 Gald

Letter of Challenge (H. Blades )
A challenge from Tison and Nan.
Not exactly a love letter, but it’s pretty girly.
0 Gald

Letter of Challenge (Flynn)
A challenge from Flynn.
"I shall win in the name of the Imperial Knights!"
0 Gald

An ordinary shovel that looks sturdy.
It could crush a stone.
0 Gald

Letter of Challenge (Legend)
A challenge from the warrior of the labyrinth.
"Fulfill your mission before death.".
0 Gald

Legend of the Dark Blue Warrior
A biography of a man who stood up against
the heavens. It came from another world.
0 Gald

Red Box
A mysterious box found on the ghost ship.
There must be something important inside...
0 Gald

Vesperia No.1
The key to victory against Adephagos.
The ulimate weapon of Brave Vesperia.
0 Gald

Magic Lantern
A lamp made out of scrap metal.
Handy in lighting the dark rooms of Baction.
0 Gald

Exam Application
An application for the Miska Doctoral Exam
It costs 5 Gald to have it reissued.
0 Gald

The Village Carpeted with Flowers
A book from Halure's mayor. ”How to create
fertile soil to make flowers bloom beautifully.”
0 Gald

Reflections on the Scent of the Sea
An autobiography of Mary Kaufman. It details
her life from birth in Trim to becoming a guild master.
0 Gald

Urban Planning for Bustling Cities
A book from the Heliord chevaliers HQ.
A record of urban planning.
0 Gald

The Legend that Sleeps in Searing Sands
A book left behind at the inn in Mantaic.
Contains various folklore of Kogorh.
0 Gald

Against a Backdrop of New Hope
A book from Flynn. Reading it will cheer
you up whenever you’re feeling down.
0 Gald

Chimera Scale
A toxic powder found on the wings of chimera
butterflies. Can be a cold medicine if processed.
0 Gald

Boomerang Horn
A horn taken from Brutal. Not strong enough
as a weapon but is said to bring good luck.
0 Gald

Medusa Scale
A toxic powder found on the wings of medusa
butterflies. Turn partially to stone if inhaled.
0 Gald

Fragment of the Skies
A piece of a hermit drill 's shell. Covered in
a beautiful pattern and used as an ornament.
0 Gald

Fragment of a Sea God
A piece of a Poseidon's body. Looks like
a stone but there are gems inside.
0 Gald

Griffin Feather
Feathers from a Griffin's wing.
You can fly if you collect a lot of these.
0 Gald

Silve Mane
Fenrir’s mane. Used in earrings and bags.
0 Gald

Order of the Loyal Hound
Granted to a Knight’s dog.
A sign of strength and ability.
0 Gald

Ghasfarost, Basement Key
A spare key to enter the basement of
Ghasfarost. Barbos holds the master key.
0 Gald

Mother's Memento
A keepsake Estelle received from her late
mother. She always carries this with her.
Usable in battle
HP Heal %: 5
0 Gald

Bulsis' Mirror
A mirror that came from within Bulsis' body.
It appears to be man-made, but is formed naturally.
0 Gald

Fake Gald
Different in weight, glare, and texture.
Made of gold, but you'll be caught if you try to use it.
0 Gald

Bunny Guild Badge
A pin with a cute picture of a bunny.
It's to show that we're promoting the guild...?
0 Gald

Irmine's Key
A key from Irmine.
I wonder where it leads?
Not in Collector's Book
0 Gald