Tales of Vesperia - Reference Guide - 360 UK - PS3 JP Fan EN Compare - PC JP EN

Message speedAt OnceFastNormalSlow
Change the message display speed.

Battle DifficultyEasyNormalHardUnknown
Change the battle difficulty.

Controller VibrationOFFON
Turn controller vibration ON or OFF.

Field Camera ControlsNormalReverse
Select camera rotation control type.

Button ConfigurationTo Setting Screen
Change the button configuration for battles.

Sound OutputMonoStereoSurround
Select sound output.

BGM Volume
Adjust BGM volume.

SE Volume
Adjust SE volume.

Battle SE Volume
Adjust battle SE volume.

Battle Voice
Adjust battle voice volume.

Event Voices
Adjust event voice volume.

Skit Volume
Adjust skit voice volume.

Movie Volume
Adjust movie voice volume.

Engage Camera OFFON
Turn on to view the entire enemy group before engaging in battle.

Dynamic CameraOFFON
Turn on to view battle from dynamic camera angles.

Battle Field BoundaryOFFON
Turn on to display the battle field boundary line.

Location NamesOFFON
Turn ON or OFF the names of shops, inns, etc, when nearby.

Skit TitlesOFFON
Select to display skit titles.

Skit SubtitlesOFFON
Turn subtitles ON or OFF during skits.

Movie SubtitlesOFFON
Turn subtitles ON or OFF during movies.

Font SelectType AType BType C
Select from 3 possible font types for which
in-game messages will be displayed.

Brightness AdjustmentTo Setting Screen
Adjust the brightness of the screen.

Xbox LIVE MarketplaceTo Setting Screen
Download various data from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Reset all in-game settings back to default.