What is this site?

The general idea of this site is testing your knowledge of Video Game music. It works like this: You listen to a sample of a song and get the option of taking a guess at which game it is from and/or how the song is called. You can also skip the song to try the same song again some other time or give up to reveal the game and song name.

Which games are represented here?

I tried to represent a large amount of different games here, ranging from classic 8-bit NES tracks to games just released a short while ago, but due to my gaming preferences you'll probably see songs from Nintendo games and jRPGs much more often than songs from, say, FPS games. That said, I also have a bunch of rather obscure games in my database, due to some of them having really good music and hoping I might be able to share the knowledge of them. Sorry if this annoys some of you.

Why did you create this site?

I got the idea from this site. Some years ago, it worked similar to this one, except that you only had to guess the game the song is from. It was pretty fun to get a few people together and try to figure out if and where we had heard the song before, however the amount of songs on the page was fairly limited and updates were scarce. In mid-2009, the creator rewrote the site so instead of having to type the game name, you get six games and just have to pick which of those is the correct one. I found this rather boring, as the "damn, I knew I heard this somewhere but can't place it!" you often had in the old system was gone. So in the summer of 2010, I got the idea of writing a page based on the old system, the result of which you can see here.

Regarding Guessing & Results

What is "halfguessing"?

Halfguessing (name subject to change) allows you to guess only the game or the songname, while keeping the other part a secret. You can then go back to those songs later and guess the part you didn't guess before. If you guess with this feature turned off, the system will automatically tell you the game or song name of a song when you guess with one of the two fields blank. Halfguessing is an experimental feature, if you notice any errors regarding it please notify me so I can fix them.

Regarding Song Names

The name shown in results, when guessing wrong, and giving up usually is either the official name of the song or, if no official name is available, the one most agreed upon by the fans. However, many different names will be accepted: You can, for example, also write the level number, level name or situation the song plays in. You can't be too general though: Writing an area name when there are multiple songs played in the area will be counted as incorrect, unless the song name happens to be identical to the area name. This goes for battle themes too: If there's only one random-enemy battle theme, "Battle" alone works fine, but if there are multiple, you have to specify by using, for example, "Battle Theme 2", "2nd Battle Theme", "Battle against [enemy name]", ...

Here's some generally accepted names:
Song in-game LocationAccepted Names
Title Screen"Title", "Title Screen"
Introduction sequence before title screen"Opening", "Intro"
Menu"Menu", "Main Menu"
Battle against random enemies"Battle Theme", "Battle"
Battle against generic boss"Boss", "Boss Battle"
Song associated with a character"[Character]'s Theme"
Game credits"Credits", "Staff Roll"

In case you guess a game or song name correctly, but the system counts it as incorrect, don't worry. I will occasionally check through all incorrect guesses and will change your results to count it as correct, and update the game or song name filters to accommodate.


In case you want to ask something not listed here, need help with something, or there's something else regarding this site, contact me at and I'll try to help you out.

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