Video Game Music Quiz

State of this site in 2023 and beyond

In case you've come here: Hi! This site is a project I made way back in 2010 or so, and it's no longer actively being maintained these days. Feel free to still use it, but be aware that its content is very much of the time (and my taste in video game music back then) and some site features may be broken these days.

Data Collection Statement

This site does not collect any data aside from the data you enter into it. That is, your account itself (username and password hash), as well as all the music guesses you've made. Additionally, when logged in, a session cookie is stored in your browser to let you stay logged in. No identifying data such as your IP address is stored. The songs are played off Youtube, so it is possible that Youtube may indirectly collect some data on you; this site has no control over this.

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